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Sandra Bullock Donates $1 Million For Hurricane Harvey Relief



Actress Sandra Bullock is stepping up to help Texas and Louisiana residents who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. On Monday, she donated $1 million to the Red Cross. Bullock said in a statement: “I’m just grateful I can do it. We have to take care of one another.”

This past weekend, the Category 4 hurricane dumped a minimum of 11 trillion gallons of rain on Texas. At least 11 people died from the monster storm, which experts say was exacerbated by climate change.

The hurricane had a diameter of 280 miles with winds of 130 mph during its first landfill. As a result of its strength, two estimates put total losses at as much as $75 billion. Fortunately, individuals like Bullock have donated funds to help.

Elizabeth Penniman, vice president of communications for the Red Cross, told CNN that the organization is “thankful for the overwhelming and generous response from those who want to help those affected by this devastating storm.” She added,

“Massive disasters like Hurricane Harvey create many critical and immediate needs, so we are heartened by donations like this — which allow us to provide immediate shelter, food and comfort to thousands in need. The entertainment community has been so supportive to the Red Cross in response to this devastating disaster, and we are so grateful.”

Credit: ABC News

It’s always heartening when individuals with affluence and fame use their resources to better the planet. Bullock has a history of doing just this. After the September 11th attacks, the actress donated $1 million to the Red Cross. She donated another $1 million after a 2004 tsunami in Indonesia, and the same amount again in 2005 following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. CNN reports that in 2010, the starlet also donated $1 million to Doctors Without Borders to aid the Haiti earthquake relief effort.

Other celebrities that have donated money to help those impacted by Harvey include Kevin Hart, Kim Kardashian, and Houston native Beyoncé.

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