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Google’s New ‘Pixel Buds’ Headphones Can Translate 40 Languages In Real Time



If, after watching Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you found yourself in want of a Babel Fish, you’ll be pleased to know Google’s new Pixel Bud headphones function quite similarly — except they don’t feed off of brainwaves.

On Wednesday, at Google’s Pixel 2 event in San Francisco, the company unveiled its newest and coolest technological innovations. Included, was the Pixel Buds headphones. The Pixel Buds are similar to Apple’s AirPods, in that they have a wireless charging case. However, there is one drastically different feature, and that is the ability to interpret and translate between 40 languages in real time (when connected to the internet).

Credit: Google

Engadget reports that when paired to the Google Assistant on the Pixel 2 phone, all one needs to do is tap the right earpiece. Then, simply ask Google, “Help me speak in French.” Once you begin speaking in your regular language, the Pixel 2 speakers will deliver the phrases in French. When the other person in the conversation answers, their reply will be automatically played through your Pixel buds.

Though this is one of the first innovations to offer real-time translation when conversing in different languages, it will likely change the way we communicate when traveling. By making conversations easier to have, a lot of the stress foreigners feel will be alleviated. It will also become easier to make new connections and friends and stay safe when exploring new destinations.

The Google Pixel Buds are available in the Google store. The expected shipping time is seven to eight weeks.

Google recently unveiled its new ‘Pixel Buds’ headphones

Credit: Google

Credit: Google

They are similar to Apple’s AirPods but have a very special feature…

Credit: Google

Credit: Google

The device can translate up to 40 languages in real-time!

Credit: Google

This could change the way we communicate when traveling

Credit: Google

Credit: Google

Watch the video below to learn more:

h/t Engadget

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