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Indonesian Man Wins Fight With 23-Foot-Long Python After It Attacked Him 



A 37-year-old Indonesian resident named Robert Nababan is counting his lucky stars after winning a “fight” with a 7 meter-long (23 feet) python. According to the Telegraph, Nababan was driving around on his moped in Riau Province, Sumatra, when he came across the giant snake holding up traffic.

 This species is the largest in the world and is known to eat fully grown pigs and, occasionally, humans. The reticulated python was so long, it was blocking the road. So, Nababan hopped off his moped and confronted the snake. Perturbed by the disturbance, the python retaliated. It lashed out, bit the man’s arm and wrapped itself around his body so he couldn’t escape.

Credit: Standard UK

He later told reporters from his hospital bed: “I tried to catch it. It bit my arm, and we wrestled for a while.” As IFLScience points out, this is probably one of the oddest cases in road rage history.

When other villagers noticed what was happening, they quickly rushed to assist. Long story short, the python lost. It was later consumed by the villagers, who saw no need to waste the fresh catch.

Credit: Standard UK

Even smaller pythons can be dangerous. Their bites are difficult to shake loose from. Had the man been alone at the time of the event, he would have likely ended up as the snake’s dinner.

Via Telegraph

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