In One Day, Scotland Generated 206% Of Its Energy Needs via Wind Power

It’s time to phase out fossil fuels and embrace renewable energy. The country of Scotland has done just this and in one day, generated over 200 percent of its energy needs. WWF Scotland revealed this news in its analysis of data provided by Weather Energy.

On October 2, the national grid wind turbines generated 86,467 MWh. On that same day, Scotland’s total electricity consumption — including industry, homes, and business — was 41,866 MWh. This means that wind energy produced more than double (206%) of Scotland’s energy needs. Energy Digital reports that the energy created was enough to power 7.116mn homes — nearly three times as many residential properties that are in Scotland.

“Monday proved to be a great day for renewable electricity output, with wind turbines alone providing enough to power 7 million homes and way more than Scotland’s total electricity needs,” said Sam Gardner, WWF Scotland Director. ”We’re blown away by these figures but they are part of a pattern of increasingly green power production made possible thanks to many years of political support in Scotland.”

This isn’t the first time Scotland has generated an excess of energy via wind power. Between January and June of this year, the country’s wind turbines produced enough energy to power 125 percent of Scottish homes. And, for the first half of the year, 6.6mn MWh of electricity was supplied to the National Grid — enough to supply over 3mn Scottish homes. That’s an increase of 24 percent, compared to record-breaking results recorded in 2015 over the same period.

While the United States continues to invest in fossil fuels to revive its economy, nations such as France and Scotland are employing sustainable technologies to clean the air, benefit wildlife, and become more self-sufficient.

h/t Energy Digital

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