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Kushner Admits Trump Lies Because He Thinks His Supporters Are Stupid



He doesn’t really believe it, Elizabeth. He just knows Republicans are stupid and they’ll buy it.

According to Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, the President lied to his base and did so knowing they would believe him.

The truth came to light in 2017 on Twitter. Unless, of course, you possess fairly mediocre observation skills. In that case the truth came to light the moment you first saw Trump open his mouth. But if want more than anecdotal evidence for such a claim, we now have it, in a story Elizabeth Spiers, former editor of the New York Observer, recapitulated on the social media platform.

During Barack Obama’s presidency, Spiers told Kushner, then publisher of the New York Observer, that she didn’t believe the “birther” lies coming from his father-in-law. In discussing how the Observer might cover Trump and his claims, Kushner “rolled his eyes and said ‘He doesn’t really believe it, Elizabeth. He just knows Republicans are stupid and they’ll buy it,'” Spiers wrote on Twitter.

Spiers revealed the interaction in an attempt to prove that Trump is a “notorious liar.” She told a right-wing blogger:

Trump did not con Democrats; he conned – and is still conning – his base. So you have every right to your gullibility and I won’t try to deprive you of it, but personally, I’d rather know what the hell is going on.

We knew it right away and many loved him for it: Trump speaks his mind. When speaking his mind, however, he says quite a few outlandish, offensive, and occasionally incoherent things. If we agree that he speaks his mind, can it be inferred that what he is speaking is then truth, to him at least?

“I love the poorly educated,” Trump said in February 2016. Was that a feeble attempt to forge some sort of connection with a large swath of the voting base in the United States? Or was he speaking the truth because the “poorly educated” make up a large portion of his base and he assumes that the fact they’re “poorly educated” means they’re a lot less likely to question him? Or perhaps he is referring to the 98% of Americans who were not born into extreme privilege and lavishly educated like he was.

Quinnipiac University once polled Americans, asking for the first word that pops in their head when they hear “President Trump.” The most common response was “idiot,” followed by “incompetent” and “liar.”

So there we have it.

Americans admit Trump is a liar but are they able to make the connection that this means he has been lying, is currently lying, and will continue to lie to us? Trump’s base was duped. Most of America was duped. And smart people don’t have to lie.

This article (Kushner Admits Trump Lies Because He Thinks His Supporters Are Stupid) is Creative Commons and was originally published by Emma Fiala on Steemit.

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