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The Great Unfucking: A Declaration of Interdependence



“The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.” ~Charles Du Bos

For years we have declared our independence. For the sake of a healthy and progressive evolution for our species, it is high time that we declare our interdependence.

As such, the first step in the Great Unfucking is to unfuck ourselves. If we can learn to unfuck ourselves, day in and day out, we might earn the right to unfuck the world. Until then, we’re pretty much fucked.

In order not to be fucked, the horse of your own personal unfucking must be placed in front of the cart of your hope that the world unfucks itself. There’s no way to wiggle your way out of this. No amount of whiny, pity-me, placating bullshit is going to get you off the hook. You, and you alone, must unfuck yourself in order for the world to unfuck itself.

Fortunately, there is a guide: Universal Law and the dictates of healthy interconnectedness (interdependence). Unfortunately, it’s up to you to interpret it correctly and to align your lifestyle with it. Otherwise, your lifestyle will be deemed unhealthy and invalid according to the vital laws that govern the universe.

Interdependence Manifesto:

“While we may be forced to accept the mythless condition into which we were born, it does not follow that we must endure a meaningless existence as a result.” ~Academy of Ideas

Provident interdependence liberates us despite the ignorant codependence that once contained us.

Where independence was necessary for the self to break away from codependence, interdependence is necessary for the ego to regroup with Cosmos in a healthy and empowering way.

A person who is capable of realigning themselves with universal laws (despite the corrupt manmade laws they grew up with), is a person who is taking the first vital step toward unfucking themselves.

The only way the Great Unfucking can become a reality is if you take it upon yourself to recondition your preconditioning. It is your responsibility to question your own codependence (be it codependence on the state or within codependent relationships). It is your responsibility to unwash the brainwash, to undoctor the indoctrination, and to reprogram your programming. This is the epitome of independent freedom.

The next step is to transform egocentric independence into eco-centric interdependence. Again, it is your responsibility to do this. Nobody else can do it for you.

One cannot unfuck oneself in a vacuum. Eventually there must be an immersion with health. There must be sacred realignment. There must be holistic balance between Nature and the human soul or we’re fucked as a species.

To truly unfuck yourself there must be a vital “No!” to what is unhealthy (codependence on a profoundly sick society) and then a sacred “Yes!” to what is healthy (interdependence and alignment with Universal Laws).

Decentralized power:

“Your mind is programmable – and if you’re not programming it then someone else will program it for you.” ~Jeremy Hammond

A big reason why we’re fucked as a species is because most of us do not understand how power works. We all have power—the power of our words, the power of our actions, the power of how we do or do not take responsibility for those words and actions.

The difference between a person who takes responsibility for their power, and a person who does not, is having the courage to question all power (especially one’s own).

People who don’t take responsibility for their power typically fall into two categories: those who are afraid to lose their comfort, security and safety, and thus cling to it at the expense of freedom and at the expense of giving their power over to others. And those with too much power who are afraid to lose their power and are intent upon keeping everyone divided and afraid so that they can maintain their immoderate power.

There must be checks and balances on power precisely because people are fallible. Likewise, the state is fallible. Likewise, the chain of obedience is fallible. Any system with humans in it is fallible. As Edward Abbey wisely stated, “Since few men are wise enough to rule themselves, even fewer are wise enough to rule others.”

Fallible individuals checking the power of systems made up of other fallible individuals is the only way to prevent the power within those fallible systems from becoming corrupt. Let alone from corrupting absolutely.

Understand: power is not evil. Like with all things, it only becomes unhealthy when it becomes immoderate. It’s only when power becomes extreme, overreaching, entrenched and violent that it becomes corrupt. Up until that point, power is a vital tool one can use to unfuck themselves.

A person’s power only becomes corrupt if it is not questioned by the power of others. So, it is vital that you empower yourself to question power. All power. Even your own. But especially those who are in power. Force accountability. For, as we all know, “with great power comes (or should come) great responsibility.”

Bottom-up leadership:

“Order followers are the people that keep the system of slavery in place.” ~Mark Passio

The chain of command. The chain of obedience. Authoritative hierarchies. Top-down leadership. These forms of “leadership” have utterly failed us as a species. They have only ever led to unhealthy rigid order—creating robots, pawns and sheep; which has only ever led to unnecessary wars waged between robots, pawns and sheep who never gained the courage to question the “authority” who told them they were robots, pawns and sheep.

The chain of command isn’t even leadership. It’s followership. It’s training. They don’t teach followers how to become leaders, they train followers how to remain followers through rank and file. A true leader must break rank (unfuck themselves) at some point in order to become such, otherwise he/she is only a “leader” by authoritarian dictate, or according to some myopic and outdated ranking system.

True leaders cannot be controlled; they learn, through self-mastery, through the teachings of other leaders, from Pain and from Nature (universal law), how to discipline themselves. And thus, how to unfuck themselves. They don’t follow power; they learn how to turn the tables on power, even their own, so that power does not corrupt.

True leaders don’t kowtow to tyranny or authoritarian rule; they attempt to dismantle it, despite the “rank and order” that props it up. Therefore, a true leader is a bottom-up leader who has the courage and the wherewithal to question the despotic top-down chain of obedience.

Strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom must be thwarted in order to unfuck ourselves. This requires courageous bottom-up leaders to throw a wrench into the machinery of the so called “chain of command.”

Indeed: the heart and soul of the Great Unfucking will be bottom-up leaders with the courage to unfuck themselves and the audacity to inform the chain of command that it is fucked.

Horizontal democracy (or metamorality):

“Never relinquish your ability to doubt, reflect, and consider other options –your rationality as an individual is your only protection against the madness that can overcome a group.” ~Robert Greene

A huge step in the Great Unfucking (after we’ve unfucked ourselves, of course) is to replace involuntary vertical democracy (statism) with voluntary horizontal democracy (the philosophy of the free-range human).

Policy dictated from above and compliance expected at the bottom is outdated and parochial. Time, and much trial and error, have confirmed that it is fundamentally unsustainable, unhealthy, and socially uncouth to lord power over each other. It simply does not work for free-thinking, healthy and reasonable human beings seeking to unfuck themselves.

Voluntary horizontal democracy is a social movement that seeks self-management, autonomy and direct democracy. It puts the proactive citizen (or free-range human) in the driver’s seat as a much-needed social leveling mechanism (checks and balances) against all overreaching, hierarchical power construct that have become corrupt.

The important thing to remember is this: such democracy must be voluntary lest it become totalitarian. Everyone must be free to participate or not, otherwise the ever-looming slippery slope into tyranny becomes that much more slippery.

Otherwise we’re fucked, because we’re immorally forcing each other into compliance. The only way to unfuck ourselves is to allow others to be free (follow the Golden Rule) and to try not to be a violent idiot (follow the non-aggression principle).

In short: we unfuck ourselves by going meta with morality.

If, as Adam Gopnik said, “To be modern is to let imagination and invention do a lot of the work once done by tradition and ritual,” then it stands to reason that we go meta with morality itself.

One way to do this is to cultivate and practice Joshua Green’s concept of metamorality. Which is based on a common ground that all humans can agree upon while proposing a utilitarian deep pragmatism that empathically broadens the mind and compassionately opens the heart to the plight of us all as interdependent beings on an interconnected planet.

Going big-picture helps us change our minds. It puts things into proper perspective. It helps us feel more empathic and less psychopathic toward others.

We’re better able to see the world as one, without borders. To narrow our bias politics to a single concept that we can all agree on: freedom. To see through all the red herring cognitive biases of the climate debate and realize that our problem is a single problem that we can all agree we need to fix: pollution. To cut through the divisiveness of religions and narrow it down to a single concept that we can all agree on: love. Especially loving our children and leaving them a healthy environment to grow up in.

And then, suddenly, there are not so many differences between us. A metamorality emerges that changes the psychopathic frenzy of our age into an empathic love for the interconnectedness of all things. Suddenly, we’re unfucked.

Going Meta with morality launches us into a big-picture perspective. We’re shot out of the box of outdated tribal thinking and into a realm of higher consciousness, where our inherent tribalism gets countered by an updated logic and reasoning. We gain the sacred and holistic vision of “over eyes” (like the astronaut Overview Effect), where limited societal delusions and cultural abstractions dissolve into empowering interconnectedness and interdependence.

Let the Great Unfucking begin!

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