Though it may be surprising, homeless animals actually outnumber homeless people 5 to 1. There are efforts dedicated to helping both populations, of course, but progress is slow. That’s why activist Amarildo Silva is taking matters into his own hands in his home country of Brazil. By transforming old, discarded tires into cute and comfortable beds, he is able to help homeless cats and dogs and turn a profit.

It all started two years ago when Silva was looking for a way to make extra income using the trash people discard on the streets. Because he had always enjoyed making new objects with unwanted materials, it seemed like the perfect idea.

While scavenging for supplies, Silva realized that the old tires on the street were being used as a refuge by homeless animals in the area. Silva was inspired – if he turned the tires into beds for the cats and dogs, he could help the less fortunate critters and make some money while doing it.

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According to Bored Panda, Silva collects old tires found on the streets. He takes the tires home and stores them in his backyard. Once the tires are separated, he cuts, washes, and paints them. Silva also adds a unique design to each tire, as well as writing the name of the animal to whom the bed will belong.

By making the beds, the artist is able to do two things: help animals and make crafts on a regular basis. It has been two years since he started, and Silva has no intention of stopping. In fact, the artist hopes that the project will contribute to a more sustainable world by generating more innovative ideas. 

Following are 10+ photos of the beds:

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