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Florida Man Gets a Beat Down From the Easter Bunny for Assaulting a Woman



Man Gets beat Down From Easter Bunny

On Sunday night, a man dressed up as the Easter Bunny was involved in a fight in the middle of a downtown Orlando street. In a video of the altercation, a young woman can be seen in a scuffle with an older man. A man in an Easter Bunny suit enters the picture, seemingly from out of nowhere, and begins wailing on the older man.

As it turns out that the man in the costume, Antoine McDonald, was just wearing the bunny suit for fun. McDonald was on his way to a club when he saw the man spit on the woman before punching her. That is when the fight broke out and McDonald decided to intervene.

“I see this lady and this guy going back and forth, and I’m just looking at it and walking. Then I see him spit on her and she starts hitting him, so I walk over there. I try to help. I try to break up the fight at first. I felt I had to do something to help get him off of her to make sure she got away from [the] fight safely and unharmed,” McDonald told Fox35.

“So I got over there so I could break up the fight, and with me trying to break up the fight, he got on top of her and hit her, so I had to try a different method, basically, to break up the fight, which actually worked,” McDonald told NBC affiliate WESH of Orlando.

There were at least a dozen witnesses to the initial fight, but everyone else recorded the incident on their cell phones instead of intervening. McDonald was the only one who stepped up and got involved. Police responded quickly since the fight happened in a busy part of town and no arrests made after the incident.

The officer on the scene did reportedly threaten to arrest McDonald before understanding that he was just there to help.

“The officer came up to me and said, ‘If you do that again I’m going to arrest you and the damned bunny suit’,” McDonald said.

After police arrived, McDonald can still be seen bobbing, weaving, and dancing around—presumably an act for the cameras that gathered around to capture the unusual scuffle.

McDonald said that he really didn’t think the fight would be that big of a deal until later that night when people started recognizing him.

“I’m walking down the street going about my day in my bunny suit and people are like, ‘Oh, did you just get in a fight? Was that you?’ I’m like, ‘Excuse me?’” McDonald said.

“I didn’t expect this, honestly,” he added, but onlookers couldn’t believe their eyes.

Josh Manes, manager of the nearby Underground Public House, was astonished when he saw a giant bunny fighting outside of his bar.

“I was at a loss for words. I guess that’s how Sundays, fun days go around here in Orlando. I can’t be too surprised. The cops broke them up, they shook the hand of the guy in the bunny suit and let him go. He was just partying, enjoying his Easter Sunday,” Manes said.

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