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Disturbing Footage Shows Cop Shoot Unarmed Child in the Head as He Ran Away


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Dallas Police

Community Meeting on Dallas Police Descends Into Chaos After Public Told They Couldn’t Speak

The policy was reversed after community activists clashed with police officers ove...

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Stunning Clip Shows Billions in Gold, Cash Hidden in Chinese City Mayor’s Basement

According to China’s anti-corruption laws, he will be executed....

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reishi mushrooms

Reishi Mushrooms Proven for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief in Human Study

Reishi mushrooms have been proven to be a natural treatment for fibromyalgia pain ...

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black seed oil

Black Seed Oil Proven as Natural Kidney Stone Treatment in Human Study

For centuries, black seed oil has been used extensively throughout the Middle East...

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Hong Kong Protests

What the Media Isn’t Telling You About the Hong Kong Protests

The West has a lot more to do with the Hong Kong protests than it would like us to...

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Jesse Ventura MSNBC Paid Millions Silence Him

Jesse Ventura: MSNBC Paid Millions to Silence Me

“They got rid of me because I opposed the invasion of Iraq,” Jesse Ventura tol...

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Woman Shoves Anti-Gay Priest Off a Stage

Video: Woman Shoves Anti-Gay Priest Off a Stage in Front of 50,000 Catholics

In the viral video, a woman can be seen running past security before pushing Fathe...

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Silicon Valley Big Tech

Secrets of Silicon Valley: What Big Tech Doesn’t Want You to Know

In a key sense, the Big Tech giants are the Pentagon and the intelligence commun...