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Alabama Dealership Offers Bible, Shotgun, and American Flag With Every Car Purchase

“GOD, GUNS, AND FREEDOM,” the dealership posted on Facebook.



Alabama Dealership

(TMU) — A Ford dealership in Alabama has come up with a purely ‘Murican way to sell vehicles this summer. As part of a July 4th promotional sales event, the automobile dealer is giving away a Bible, an American flag, and a shotgun with the purchase of a truck.

“GOD, GUNS, AND FREEDOM,” the dealership posted on their Facebook page.

“Celebrating July 4th from now until July 31, here at Chatom Ford!!! Every vehicle purchased new or pre-owned will come with a Bible, 12-gauge shot gun, and American flag!! This is a small gift to our valued customers and a opportunity for us to celebrate our independence.”

From the looks of the dealership’s social media page, it would appear that at least a few Alabama residents felt this was a deal too good to pass up.

Chatom Ford shared a photograph of a couple who recently purchased a Jeep, according to the Facebook post. The pair can be seen, along with two other people, holding their new gun, flag, and Bible in the picture captioned “YOU COULD BE NEXT.”

Of course, not just anyone can walk-in off the street to take part of this most American of sales gimmicks. The purchaser must be at least 18 years of age, have the proper identification, be able to legally purchase a vehicle, and pass all checks associated with owning a firearm in the state of Alabama.

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