Former Homeless Man Opens Food Truck to Feed Those in Need

(TMU)If there’s one thing that almost all cities have in common across the country at lunchtime in 2019, it’s food trucks, food trucks, and more food trucks. The mobile kitchens can be found anywhere from business centers and county fairs to school events and weddings. As of Wednesday, however, Louisville, Kentucky boasts a very unique kind of truck.

By all outward appearances, Jonny’s Wagon seems like your typical food truck. It isn’t.

Johnny “Johnny G” Goode, the man behind the grill, used to be homeless and, with Jonny’s Wagon, he feeds staples like fried fish sandwiches and cold drinks to a long line of hungry customers—all of which are homeless.

With help from the UPS Foundation and the MPD Charitable Foundation, Jonny’s Wagon opened its window on Wednesday to serve those who often don’t know when or where they’ll be able to eat next.

If anyone knows what it’s like to not know where their next meal is coming from, it’s Johnny G. And according to Johnny, it’s downright “scary.”

Johnny spent years living at Camp Campbell, a homeless camp that sat where the city is now building a soccer stadium. During his time living on the streets, Johnny met Scott Goldbach, founder and CEO of Daily Armor Ministries.

I think he’s like the third person that I met when we were doing street outreach,” Goldbach said.

The two became fast friends and before long they were business partners. When Daily Armor Ministries started a mobile kitchen, Goldbach wanted his friend to be a part of it. “His empathy for people is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before,” Goldbach said.

Of the partnership, Goode said it was “one of those things that was just meant to be.”

I just thank God everyday that I found my purpose in life.”

He’s gotten this bigger picture. I can be somebody really that can make a difference in this world,” Goldbach said.

After months of praying, planning, blessings, and just plain hard work, Jonny's Wagon opens to serve communities in need in Louisville and the surrounding counties.A pilot program whose focus is on reducing food insecurity in America, that when proven successful, will serve as a model to the rest of the nation.We are grateful to our foundation partners who helped make this dream possible, UPS and the MPB Charitable Foundation.GO GOD!

Posted by Jonny's Wagon on Thursday, June 13, 2019

According to Jonny’s Wagon’s Facebook page, the truck will serve as “a pilot program whose focus is on reducing food insecurity in America, that when proven successful, will serve as a model to the rest of the nation.”

By Emma Fiala | Creative Commons |

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