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8 Reasons Why the Internet Has Fallen in Love With Keanu Reeves

Keep doing you, Keanu. The whole Internet has noticed.



Keanu Reeves

(TMU) — Whoa! The Internet’s never-ending cycle of memes for every occasion has found a new hero in actor Keanu Reeves. While browsing the interwebs over the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed the man who took the red pill in The Matrix has gone viral—and is popping up on your various social media feeds…

According to viral meme page Chad Mojito’s Shitposting And Senseless Drivel Empire, he’s actually cooler than Chuck Norris:

keanu reeves

Worldstar Hip Hop posted this meme showing Keanu respecting women’s personal space (unlike a certain presidential candidate):

keanu reeves

This one speaks for itself:

keanu reeves

One meme pretty much sums up the whole Keanu thing…

Keanu reeves

But there’s definitely a reason behind all this Keanu Reeves love besides the man simply existing: He’s actually a really good dude. Here are just eight of the many reasons why The Internet has totally fallen in love with him.

1. In his most recent interview, which we covered here on the Mind Unleashed, he offered some seriously profound thoughts on what happens after someone dies—which left Stephen Colbert speechless. (skip to the nine minute mark if you’re in a rush)

2. Keanu Reeves has secretly been running a foundation to help kids with cancer by funding children’s hospitals. “This Hollywood superstar is so unpretentious that he’s actually only talked about it one time and in an interview with a women’s magazine who had an inside track and asked him about it.” Of course, when we found out about this amazing effort by Keanu, we covered it on the Mind Unleashed. You can read the whole story here.

3. Keanu Reeves is something of a self-help guru.

4. Keanu treats the blue collar workers that help build sets for movies he’s acting in like family. According to Reddit user bo2dd2:

“Back in the late 90s and fresh out of college I got my first job as an assistant prop designer on the set of Chain Reaction (Keanu was a supporting actor with Morgan Freeman). EVERY DAY for the last few weeks of filming, Keanu treated the stage hands and “grunt workers” (including myself) by taking us out for free breakfast and lunch. He was genuinely a very nice guy to work with.

Since then, I’ve worked on about 30 different sets and have never met an actor as generous and friendly as him. Most actors I’ve seen and worked with are total douches who always think they are better than us. Keanu on the other hand, at the very least, was socially approachable and definitely kindhearted.

That was one example (that involved me directly), but (on the same set), I remember him going out of his way to give my friend a ride to the repair shop to pick up his car… I’ll write more as I remember, but its been a while.”

5. In the same Reddit thread, user kahi described how Reeves gave a family friend $20,000 because he was having some personal issues.

“A family friend builds movie sets, doesn’t design, is one of the poor dudes that just builds. Anyways he worked on the set for the Matrix and Keanu heard about family trouble he was having and gave him a $20,000 Christmas bonus to help him out. He also was one of the only people on the set that genuinely wanted to know peoples names, would say hello and mean it, and would talk to people as they were his peers and not below him just because they were practically making nothing to build a set. I’ve never heard anyone say Keanu is douche, seems like the nicest person in Hollywood from a second hand experience.”

6. Despite being a Hollywood actor and millionaire, Keanu seems to treat us regular people like human beings. Paparazzi caught him just hanging out with a homeless guy while sharing food, drink, and conversation in LA some years ago.

7. I mean, come on! How can you not love the guy? He’s a goddamn gentleman.

keanu reeves

8. But, despite all of this amazingness he’s actually a pretty lonely guy. As the Mind Unleashed previously reported, in a recent interview with Jakarta Post, when the interviewer asked what love means to him, Keanu responded:

You mean romantic love? You know, I’m the lonely guy. I don’t have anyone in my life. But if it does occur, I would respect and love the other person; hopefully it’ll happen for me.”

I really don’t know how to react to that other than a simple…

keanu reeves

Keep doing you, Keanu. The whole Internet has noticed.

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