Man Beaten Bloody After Grandparents Stop Him From Abducting 6-Year-Old Granddaughter

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(TMU) — An Indiana man was left beaten and bruised after attempting to abduct a 6-year-old girl from her grandparent’s apartment.

Benjamin Dillon, 37, allegedly kicked in the front door of Martin and Patricia Roth’s Lebanon, Indiana apartment in the middle of the night on June 3. The would-be kidnapper was met with resistance in the form of two grandparents unwilling to allow Dillon near their young granddaughter.

I was sound asleep in my bedroom and this guy came kicking in and said, ‘You have my daughter,’” Patricia Roth told FOX 59. “I was nervous, very nervous. I was shaking so bad.”

Granddad Martin kept the belligerent intruder at bay as law enforcement made their way to the scene.

Once police arrived, officers discovered Dillion outside the apartment’s front door “shirtless and very agitated, insisting there was a little girl in the apartment being raped” adding “that the little girl was his daughter,” according to the police report.

Dillon took three shots from a stun gun with no effect and aggressively resisted officers saying “he would fight all of us and kill us.” After police were able to handcuff the assailant, he “kept kicking us and screaming,” the report stated.

Dillon was charged with breaking and entering, burglary, intimidation, and resisting law enforcement. He was arrested previously in March on drug-related charges and is currently awaiting trial for those offenses as well.

I don’t understand why he picked our apartment. I’ll never figure that one out,” Patricia Roth said, who believed Dillon was on drugs the night he entered her apartment. “I hope he gets the help he needs and I hope he gets himself back on his feet.”

I wouldn’t want him walking back in my apartment again. He will regret it the next time,” Patricia said.

From the look of Dillon’s mugshot, he may already have those regrets.

Roth’s 6-year old granddaughter—although left scared—was unhurt in the incident.

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Man Severely Beaten After Grandparents Stop Him From Kidnapping Their Granddaughter