Man Allegedly Dragged Away by Bear, Found Alive in Cave After One Month

UPDATE: Emerging evidence suggests this story might not be accurate.

(TMU) — A Russian man is lucky to be alive after he was discovered in a bear den looking like a living corpse.

The man, who identified himself as Alexander, was reportedly found by hunting dogs in Tuva—a remote Russian republic in southern Siberia close to the Mongolian border.

Hunters were passing by the unassuming cave when their dogs bolted inside the lair, refusing to continue the trek. When the group followed behind, they discovered the man—who they initially believed was a mummified body. Shockingly, they soon realized the man was actually alive.

While details have not been released regarding the medical facility Alexander was transported to, medics reported that despite being almost immobile and severely fatigued, he could speak, move his arms, and barely open his eyes.

Alexander told doctors that he was ravaged by a brown bear and had his spine broken by the beast before being hauled into the den. He survived his roughly month-long stay in the cave by drinking his own urine.

Brown bears have been known to bury their prey, hiding the carcass from predators while it decomposes and ripens, making the meat easier to eat. Some wait days and even weeks before returning to retrieve their meal.

Doctors—who described Alexander as having severe injuries and rotting tissue—said they cannot explain how the man survived, and only said that it was a miracle, according to local reports.

Alexander recalled his first name but could not remember his last name or his age.

Watch hospital footage of the man below:

Warning: the images may appear disturbing to some.

By S.M. Gibson | Creative Commons |

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