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Pedophile Group Attempts to Infiltrate Pride Parade

Police confiscated flyers handed out by a pedophile group during a pride parade in Amsterdam on Saturday.



(TMU) — A pedophile rights group attempted to interject itself in the Amsterdam pride parade over the weekend.

On Saturday, police confiscated flyers being handed out by Kinderbevrijdingsfront—which translates to Children’s Liberation Front in English—during the Pride Walk in Amsterdam. Officers said they seized the leaflets because of the strongly negative reaction by those in attendance.

The Pride walk in Amsterdam, the official kickoff of Pride Amsterdam, 27 July 2019. (Photo: Gemeente Amsterdam/Twitter)

“They are not part of Pride Amsterdam. We do not want our name to be associated with this”, a Pride spokesperson said to Het Parool.

The representative stated that the pedophile group approached parade officials about “modest participation” in the event but were denied inclusion.

Kinderbevrijdingsfront seeks to raise awareness regarding the rights of pedophiles and believes that Pride Amsterdam should be accepting to those who are sexually attracted to children, according to the Dutch newspaper.

It is unknown how many people belong to the organization, but some believe it may only be a one-man organization.

A Twitter account called @PedoPride2019, which has now banned from the social media site, promoted the group’s participation in the parade while repeatedly using the hashtag #PedoPride.

One now-deleted post stated:

“Neo-philophiles, pedophiles and ephemophiles should be part of (Gay Pride) and welcome in the community (LGBT)”.

Nepiophiles are people who are sexually attracted to young children, such as infants; and ephébophiles are individuals sexually attracted to pubescent teens, ranging in age from 15 to 19 years of age.

As of this writing, over 40,000 people have signed a petition on the CitizenGo website titled Prohibit pedophiles at the gay pride of Amsterdam.

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