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Someone Finally Stormed Epstein’s Private Island and Caught It All on Film

Luke Rudkowski stormed Jeffrey Epstein’s private island to go where no independent journalist has gone before.



Jeffrey Epstein Private Island

(TMU) — Recently, while island hopping in the Caribbean, independent journalist Luke Rudkowski went where no independent journalist has gone before.

With Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante by his side, Rudkowski risked arrest—or even death—to show us an exclusive look at Jeffery Epstein’s private island—a seemingly innocuous outpost that many have referred to as “Pedophile Island.”

The pair was with friends when they found themselves near Epstein’s mysterious island of Little St. James, just off the coast of Saint Thomas, part of the U.S. Virgin Islands, an unincorporated territory of the U.S. And so the pair did what any curious and responsible journalists would do—they hired a boat and headed straight for Pedo Island.

“The mainstream media dropped the ball, stopped reporting on Epstein, and no one ever went to his island. This story is incredibly important and has huge implications. There are so many people involved and who knows how many victims. We were so close to the island so we had to at least try to go. It would be crazy not to,” Rudkowski told the Mind Unleashed. 

Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein purchased the island the 71.5-acre island back in 1998 for $7.95 million and it has been shrouded in mystery ever since, with rumors swirling of what exactly happened there and who took part in the scandalous and illegal activities. Since Epstein took ownership of the small island, few images of it ever emerged. That is until Epstein was arrested earlier this year.

Shortly after his arrest, a YouTube account appeared providing extensive footage of the island from both drone and boat. Despite Epstein’s arrest, Little St. James appeared to be continuing on as usual with general upkeep and even construction occurring in various areas of the island.

Finally, in August, the authorities appeared to focus their attention on Epstein’s outpost in the Virgin Islands when they initiated a raid. Though the raid was indeed warranted, it left many wondering what took so long and what evidence may have been lost in the time it took for authorities to finally act.

In Rudkowski’s video posted to We Are Change’s YouTube channel, Berwick rightfully points out that the only information, save for the drone videos mentioned above, the average citizen has about the island are from government or mainstream media sources, two sources that are difficult to trust on numerous topics, but especially this one. Berwick explained the motivation for their visit:

“Well I guess we have to go and check this out, and see if it’s even real. For all we know, there might not be anything there. There’s always lies, what they tell us. And for all we know, there still could be some activity going on there.”

The plan sounds simple enough—take a short boat ride to a nearby island, take quick peek around, then go home. But from the get go the pair’s idea was rife with complications. “It wasn’t easy. Most captains said they wouldn’t take us to the island,” Berwick explained. In a strange turn of events, the captain they set out with, who previously refused to approach the island, pulled up to the doc on Little St. James while saying “you’ve got five seconds.” So the duo ran for it. This explains why Berwick can be seen shoeless, clad in only swimming trunks, in the footage.

Berwick described the experience of verifying various locations and monuments on the island as “pretty surreal.” Rudkowski described it as both “daunting” and “scary.”

Back on Saint Thomas, the pair later confirmed reports that the locals were well aware of the activities taking place on nearby Little St. James. Berwick explained:

“Talking to the locals, people that have lived here for twenty years, they’re like ‘Oh everyone knew, you’d just see the 12, 13 year old girls waiting on the doc, they’d come get picked up, go to Epstein island.’ So, it was incredibly out in the open. And people like Bill Clinton came here fifty times.”

Berwick added how incredibly “brazen” the entire operation was, with former presidents, heads of state, billionaires and others coming and going.

As one might expect, the duo didn’t find any damning evidence. Between the long time the island sat with employees mulling around after Epstein’s arrest and the FBI raid, no stone was left unturned. As Berwick confirmed, “the offices were cleaned out.”

The blue and white striped temple has long been the primary curiosity of the island with some saying this is where abuses or sacrifices were carried out. Thanks to the YouTube drone footage that has emerged in recent months, those who have followed this story in detail, or those newly curious, were able to observe that the wooden door appeared painted on, the inside contained basic shelving and mattresses, and the entire building appeared to be of somewhat shoddy construction, with the dome having blown off years ago in a storm.

After seeing the temple firsthand, Berwick described it as cheap after confirming that the door was in fact painted on the front. “I could have built that myself,” Berwick told Rudkowski. “It almost looked like a Hollywood set. Actually, that’s exactly what it looked like.” 

As Rudkowski explained, the pair eventually received a phone call from their friend, Joby Weeks, waiting aboard the boat that dropped them off. Weeks told Rudkowski, “There’s a lot of people. There’s people running all over, we just heard screaming. Are you okay? There’s people going around in golf carts. Get out! Get out!”

This truly is a video you have to see for yourself to believe:

While the mainstream media has unsurprisingly let this story die along with Epstein’s apparent suicide, Rudkowski highlights just how little we know and how we cannot give up in the quest for truth and justice. This is still an open case. This is still a case that has a lot of serious implications,” Rudkowski said.

He concluded:

“The Jeffrey Epstein story is an incredibly important story to really understand what’s happening behind the scenes. There is still a huge layer that we don’t know, this is why we took the risk that we’re doing. We’re doing this risk because we want this information out there to expose the bigger lies that the mainstream media is not covering.”

Check out Berwick’s video of the duo’s storming of Little St. James:

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