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Bald Eagle Smashes Through Window of Tax Office and Flies Off

The eagle struck the glass sometime Monday morning, leaving a hole nearly three feet wide.



Bald Eagle

(TMU) — This week, a bald eagle smashed through the window of an H&R tax preparation office in Norfolk, Virginia, and the scene was caught on camera.

The eagle bounced around inside the office for a few minutes before eventually flying away just as animal rescue crews were arriving on the scene. Wildlife rehabilitator Rochelle Stewart says she arrived mere minutes after the bird flew away.

Harry Patterson, who works at a nearby insurance office, noticed the animal inside the building and decided to get some footage. Patterson told CBS6:

“At first I didn’t realize how he got in there. I mean, what is H&R Block doing? What kind of promotion are they doing here? I was on the phone with my friend, and there’s a bald eagle inside of the H&R Block. I couldn’t believe what I was saying. I said, ‘Let me FaceTime you so you can see this thing’.”

Patterson said that the animal did not appear to be injured:

“It wasn’t making any noise, didn’t appear to be injured, wasn’t limping around.”

It appears the bald eagle broke the window before getting inside the building.

According to the Virginia Pilot, the eagle struck the glass sometime Monday morning, leaving a hole nearly three feet wide.

An H&R Block representative said that the glass was replaced and the window was fully repaired later that afternoon. The office is closed for the season and won’t be open until tax time rolls around.

I guess he did not need insurance, so he didn’t come through my window. He would’ve been in good hands if he came through my office. I guess he wanted to get in there and get his taxes done early,” Patterson joked.

Eagle crashes through window at H&R Block in Virginia

BALD SPOT: A bald eagle crashed through a storefront window at an H&R Block in Virginia Beach, Virginia, hanging out inside the tax prep center for a bit before once again taking flight.

Posted by ABC World News Tonight with David Muir on Monday, December 2, 2019

Last memorial day weekend, the Mind Unleashed reported that an injured eagle was saved by a motorcyclist after flying into the middle of a busy highway.

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