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Heavily Redacted Air Force Emails Reveal Confusion, Concern Over Colorado’s Drone Mystery

The mystery remains unsolved.




Colorado Mystery Drones

(TMU) — Heavily redacted internal emails from the Air Force show that the mystery of the drones that flew over Colorado in December and January remains.

Communications obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) reveal just how serious the Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) reports were taken.

The emails come from Douglas D. Johnson, a volunteer sleuth in affiliation with the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies (SCU). Johnson recently obtained the heavily redacted emails through a FOIA request. The emails document the shocking internal communications of the Air Force’s public affairs office at Francis E. Warren Air Force Base and the 90th Security Forces Group in response to various drone sightings.

The Drive reports:

Johnson filed two separate FOIA requests for all official correspondence to and from Jon Carkhuff, a public affairs officer and/or spokesman associated with F.E. Warren Air Force Base, and all official correspondence to and from the headquarters staff of the 90th Security Forces Group that contain any of the following terms: drone, drones, counter-drone, counter-drones, unmanned aerial system, unmanned aerial systems, UAS, counter-UAS, unidentified aircraft, unidentified aerial, unidentified flying, unknown aircraft, UFO, and anomalous. The FOIA requests were for communications ranging from December 15, 2019, through January 18, 2020. The requests were filed on January 18, 2020, and were fulfilled on February 14.”

In one heavily censored email the confusion of officials shows noting the situation is becoming severe.

[Redacted] — understand you’re part of the FBI TF [task force] looking at this? Pls send me an update,” the email reads. “This is becoming a bigger deal. What’s our PA [public affairs] play here right now WRT [with regards to] this (ongoing drone) effort?”

In another email, confusion is expressed by an unknown sender who asks their superior if there are any operations ongoing.

“Hey colonel:

Northeastern Colorado is in a tizzy about drone sightings. They all seem clustered in an area that has quite a few Minuteman sites. Do you know if security forces is playing with UASs [unmanned aircraft systems] up there?”

In a third email that question above is answered within the 90th Security Forces Group FOIA release dated January 8, 2020. The group states that the drones are “100000000000% not us.

I’ve seen some articles pointing the finger as us,” the sender writes, “but I can definitely say this is not our team.

However, emails depict this could be a defense system being tested. With the subject line “Autonomous Base Defense System,” the sender discusses there was a capabilities demonstration (“capes demo”) at an unknown military base:

“Good morning sir,


Since this capes demo they have continued to develop and field their systems. To that end, they just successfully completed a very high visibility demonstration at [Redacted] that is continuing to drive interest and deployment of the system [Redacted] as well as a one-month long combat validation deployment to [Redacted] that was so successful they are now deploying four additional systems in country on a permanent basis.

The [Redacted] proposed Jan 15th to come to FEW [F.E. Warren] and provide a brief and answer any questions. I will work with your front office to get it on your calendar.”

Another message states that engineers from an unknown organization would be on base on January 17 to lead a briefing on an unspecified autonomous base defense system:

“The lead engineer for [Redacted] will be briefing [Redacted] on Jan 17th @ 1030 in the Wing Conference Room on their autonomous base defense system and associated systems.

The C-UAS section hit me up and said they were attending which is awesome however, this is less about actual blue force sUAS development and more about the system used to detect, track, classify, and identify the threat. [Redacted]”

That organization may be Dedrone, an anti-drone company, as another email indicates. However, there is no to be certain due to the fact that the emails are heavily redacted.

In an email in the F.E. Warren public affairs release writes in the subject line “[Non-DoD Source] Quick question”, the author asks, “Do you know if security forces is playing with UASs up there?”

Another purported follow up email with the same subject line responds, “I believe this is the Dedrone contract.

Perhaps one of the strangest emails found in the 90th Security Forces Group release, states that the “drones” appeared to be dropping “potatoes” according to media reports. The unknown sender adds that the Perkins County Sheriff’s Office collected some of these “potatoes” for analysis:

“Sheriff’s deputies are responding and seeing the drones as well. They reported seeing a “mothership” 6’ in diameter flanked by 10 smaller drones (some fixed wing, some not). When deputies follow the drones, they clock them at speeds of 60-70 mph. The drones also appear to be dropping or picking up things that look like “potatoes” [Redacted]

The FBI in Colorado and the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) in Omaha are currently looking into the sightings. Perkins County Sherriff’s [sic] Office has three of the potatoes frozen in storage and will likely transfer them to the FBI for analysis. The FAA is sending an agent to Colorado this upcoming weekend to help investigate and handle the news coverage.”

Someone else retorts: “The “potatoes” have an agricultural purpose and are used by farmers with their large center pivot irrigation systems.”

However, a report by the Denver Post  stated the “potatoes” were actually SOILPAM Tracklogs, a tool that is used to help fill the trenches left by wheels on large irrigation systems.

One email within the 90th Security Forces Group FOIA release, dated January 16 even blames Starlink satellites as being responsible for the sighting:

“Sir, BLUF [Bottom Line Up Front]: We have a high degree of confidence that the on-base visual phenomenon was not sUAS [small Unmanned Aircraft Systems] activity; it is likely this was a result of the [Redacted].

BACKGROUND: [Redacted]. It uses passive, library based RF detection capability in order to locate sUAS activity. It has a very high degree of accuracy and we have tested it extensively since June 2018. We receive regular hits of sUAS activity (daily) but nothing that is on the installation or over our specific area of interest.

DISCUSSION: [Redacted] did detect some activity in the area but nothing near the installation (at least 3km away). These detections were not out of the ordinary. After reviewing the photography and doing some quick research, the pictures are consistent with [Redacted] satellites. The last launch was 6 Jan 2020 which contained 60 satellites. These satellites are visible by the naked eye as they trust [sic] to their parking orbit altitude of 550km which usually takes a few weeks; they look like a string of lights in the night sky. Based on hobbist satellite tracking website, a string of [Redacted] satellites were in the area last night.


In another exchange about how to respond to media inquiries, an unknown sender writes, “We need to ensure he doesn’t feel like we are hiding anything.” On the following page in the same release, following the statement “we do not know the origin of the drones,” another person inserts: “#aliens.

In an official press statement on January 17, after receiving input from Major General Ferdinand ‘Fred’ B. Stoss III, commander of 20th Air Force, F.E. Warren Air Force Base released the following statement:

“We can confirm that the drones spotted in Colorado and Nebraska are not from F.E. Warren Air Force Base and are not affiliated in any way with the United States Air Force. We have provided this information to the FAA, FBI, and state and local authorities, as they investigate this matter.

The drones have not posed a threat to any of our sites, facilities or operations.

F.E. Warren AFB does conduct counter-UAS training within the confines of the installation, however, any drones spotted outside of the installation are not part of our fleet.”

The emails also purportedly included redacted images of the aircrafts. For more information and to see additional emails, read the full release by the Drive available here.

With emails depicting confusion within the Air Force itself, we are left even more perplexed than before. One thing is clear: the Air Force was involved in the investigation despite outlets like Vice seeming to have suggested otherwise in reports.

As you can imagine this activity has gained the attention of our Commander here at NORAD and USNORTHCOM,” a 90th Security Forces Group email from January 7 reads. “We are fully engaged as well with our FBI and DHS representatives here.”

By Aaron Kesel | Creative Commons |


Lunar New Deal: GOP Lawmaker Suggests Altering Moon & Earth’s Orbit to Stop Climate Change

Elias Marat



Texas Republican Congressman Louise Gohmert raised the eyebrows of his Congressional colleagues on Tuesday after seemingly suggesting that climate change could be combatted by changing the orbit of the moon, or even altering “Earth’s orbit around the sun.”

Gohmert, who has been decried as the “dumbest member of Congress” for his past absurdly anti-scientific comments regarding the ongoing pandemic and a number of other issues, has been a vocal opponent of progressive legislators’ attempts to put a “Green New Deal” on the government’s agenda.

However, his apparent suggestion of a “Lunar New Deal” to mitigate global warming could take the cake as his most hare-brained idea yet.

The comments came during a House Natural Resources Committee hearing on four pending bills while questioning Jennifer Eberlien of the Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service, reports NBC.

“I understand, from what’s been testified to the Forest Service and the B.L.M. [Bureau of Land Management], you want very much to work on the issue of climate change,” the Texas congressman began.

“I was informed by the immediate past director of NASA that they’ve found that the moon’s orbit is changing slightly and so is the Earth’s orbit around the sun,” he continued.

“We know there’s been significant solar flare activity,” Gohmert said. “And so, is there anything that the National Forest Service or B.L.M. can do to change the course of the moon’s orbit or the Earth’s orbit around the sun?”

“Obviously that would have profound effects on our climate,” the lawmaker added.

Responding, Eberlein said with a smile: “I would have to follow up with on you on that one, Mr. Gohmert.” 

“If you figure out there’s a way in the forest service you could make that change, I’d like to know,” Gohmert responded, without any trace of irony.

Longtime critics of the conservative legislator were besides themselves with bewilderment and mockery over the out-of-this-world suggestion.

On the opposite side of the aisle California Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu suggested that perhaps Marvel Comics superheroine Captain Marvel was up to the task.

“She can alter planetary orbits with her superpowers. I’m going to work on a bipartisan resolution asking for her help,” Lieu wrote on Twitter.

According to NASA, the Earth’s climate has changed throughout history for various reasons, including small variations in the planet’s orbit.

However, the agency’s website notes that this doesn’t discount the fact that anthropogenic or human-caused activities are the culprit of the current warming.

“The current warming trend is of particular significance because most of it is extremely likely (greater than 95 percent probability) to be the result of human activity since the mid-20th century and proceeding at a rate that is unprecedented over millennia,” the site says.

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Man Finds Out His Grandparents’ Home Once Belonged To Girlfriend Of Serial Killer Ted Bundy

Elias Marat



A user of Reddit has seemingly Adiscovered that his grandparents live in the same home where infamous serial killer Ted Bundy once lived.

In a post to the social platform, a photo of the user’s grandparents’ fireplace can be seen along with a picture displayed on a phone that shows a couple appearing to be posing in the same living room. The post reads: “Ted Bundy dated someone who used to live in my grandparents’ house.”

The well-known photo shows Ted Bundy embracing Elizabeth Kloepfer, who dated Bundy during his brutal killing spree that claimed about 30 lives between 1974 and 1978.

Klopfer later reported her boyfriend to the police after recognizing his face in a composite sketch. However, the police failed to apprehend him at the time due to the large influx of tips regarding possible suspects of the serial murders.

She later reported Bundy again after realizing that women were disappearing near Salt Lake City, Utah – not far from where the couple lived, and quite possibly where the home on Reddit is located.

However, this attempt also failed after a witness couldn’t identify the serial murderer in a line-up.

Bundy later allegedly scorched the head of one of his victims in the fireplace presumably pictured in the Reddit post before ditching the body in a mountain.

Bundy told then-detective Robert Keppel: “Of all the things I did to [Kloepfer], this is probably the one she is least likely to forgive me for. Poor Liz.”

Bundy was given the death penalty for his crimes and was finally executed on Jan. 24, 1989.

Redditors were convinced that the fireplace shown in the post was the same one that belonged to Kloepfer.

“That’s not ‘someone,’” one user wrote. “That’s THE one. He dated Liz for a majority of his active years.”

Another user added: “Right. And wasn’t he with Liz when he said he’d burned some body parts of a victim in a fireplace? Could this be THE fireplace?”

The original poster eventually returned to the thread to explain that they learned that the home did, indeed, once return to Kloepfer.

“The house was built for a doctor and his family who turned out to be Liz,” the poster wrote. “Liz dated Teddy for a good part of his active years and they broke up when he got arrested and had to leave the state I believe.”

“My family bought the house a few years ago with zero relation to ‘ol Teddy,” they added. “Just crazy coincidence!”

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New York Times Publishes, Then Pulls, Strange Article About ‘Fields of Watermelons on Mars’

Elias Marat



The New York Times has long been known as the “Grey Lady of Journalism,” reflecting the newspaper’s institutional identity as a credible and respectable source of daily news.

However, on Tuesday an extremely bizarre claim graced the pages of the “paper of record”: that fields of watermelons had been discovered on Mars, a discovery made by police.

The story, which appeared as a stub, was pulled within an hour of publication. However, an archived snapshot of the “scoop” still remains.

“Authorities say rise of fruit aliens is to blame for glut of outer space watermelons,” read the story, according to a cached copy from Google News. “The FBI declined to comment on reports of watermelons raining down, but confirmed that kiwis have been intercepted.”

“This story is terribly boring,” it read.

The article has been replaced with a message noting that the story had been “published in error.”

The fact that the publication was likely the result of either a prank or human error is clear based on the byline, which attributes the story to a “Joe Schmoe.”

According to Futurism, the newspaper hasn’t yet addressed the strange incident. However, the website speculates that it may well have been an erroneous publication of a some test of the company’s backend content management system.

It goes without saying that while NASA missions and a Chinese rover are scouring Mars for native life, no large melons or kiwis have been discovered on the Red Planet.

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