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Person Filmed Sneaking Down Street Dressed as a Bush During Quarantine

People are doing some very strange things to keep themselves occupied during the coronavirus lockdown.




(TMU) — In the United States and Europe, the CoViD-19 lockdowns have been tightening up, with new curfews and stay at home orders in many different areas. However, not everyone wants to stay inside, and some people have been going to great lengths to avoid quarantine restrictions.

In one neighborhood in the United Kingdom, residents noticed one of their neighbors making their way down the road disguised as a bush. His stealth mission was recorded by neighbors Nicholas Murray and Madeline Mai-Davies, who filmed the strange occurrence and posted the video to TikTok.

The pair posted two different videos to the app and together quickly gained millions of views across several social media platforms.

The videos showed the neighbor covered from head to toe in fake leaves, carefully moving down the street, ducking behind trash cans, and then stopping to take the form of a bush while in open grass. In one of the videos, the person can be seen moving stealthily down the street and rolling and somersaulting across the road as if he were in an action movie.

However, it appears that the neighbor was just pulling a prank and not actually sneaking out of the house for any clandestine reason, because he later returned with a grocery bag, and grocery shopping is still allowed under the current restrictions.

“Got his shopping. Turning up to the party while on lockdown,” Murray wrote in a later post.

Murray later told Caters News Agency, “Looking back, I didn’t expect the video to go that viral and get 16.5 million views. Whilst in this difficult time we want to bring smiles, laughs and hope.”

Mai-Davies added, “I was overwhelmed with the support and following that came from it.”

There have been over 22,000 confirmed cases of the virus in the UK, and the country has seen over 1,400 deaths from the illness since the outbreak began.

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