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Americans Are Howling at the Moon Together Every Night While in Isolation for Coronavirus

The howl has been heard in cities across the country.



(TMU) — People have been looking for different ways to blow off steam and connect with other humans now that they are trapped inside as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

In Wuhan, China, residents of the city cheered “Go Wuhan!” from their balconies to encourage one another during the difficult time. And while music was a popular release for people trapped indoors in Europe, residents of the United States have chosen something a bit more primal.

Just after sundown this week, howling was heard across the country after people organized to howl at the moon in unison. The howling sessions were organized through Facebook and NextDoor. One Facebook group dedicated to the idea has over 351,931 members.

“Every night at 8pm in your time zone, take a minute to step outside and let out a cathartic howl!” the Facebook group reads.

The people involved have all expressed different reasons for joining in on the howling. Some of have said they wanted a special way to honor healthcare workers while others just saw it as a way to connect while in isolation.

Brice Maiurro, one of the group’s creators, told Westword:

A lot of people have put their own meaning on it. We see people who say, ‘I’m going to howl for all the hospital workers, the people on the front lines.’ I think it was a fun thing. It made sense with being in isolation; it makes people feel connected to each other when they howl and hear someone howl back.”

The Sacramento Bee reported that the howl was heard in major cities and suburban areas across the United States including in Atlanta, Idaho, New York City, and Mill Valley. Maiurro says that people outside of the United States have also caught on, and he has seen members in his group from places like Switzerland, Mexico, and Brazil.

Below are some videos capturing the phenomenon:

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