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Anti-Mask Woman Commands “Demons” to Leave Grocery Aisle “In Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name”

“I said get off this aisle,” the woman screams. “I command you in Jesus Christ’s name to get off this aisle!”

Elias Marat



(TMU) – In an embarrassing scene that perfectly encapsulates the mass hysteria the United States has been plunged in, an anti-mask woman was captured on video Tuesday engaging in a religious rant while grocery shopping.

In a cringe-inducing video shared to Twitter, a woman can be seen invoking Jesus Christ’s name, calling fellow shoppers “demons,” and accosting people in a Fred Meyer store in Longview, Washinton.

The Pacific Northwestern grocery chain recently adopted a policy requiring customers to wear protective face coverings or masks at all locations.

“Religious anti-masker with a terrible hair stylist won’t let anyone in the aisle until she can pick out what she wants,” wrote Twitter user @davenewworld_2. The video has been retweeted almost 2,000 times.

In the video, the clearly mentally disturbed woman can be heard calling upon Jesus to aid her in her quest to drive people from the aisle.

“I said get off this aisle,” the woman screams. “I command you in Jesus Christ’s name to get off this aisle!”

In the meantime, employees wearing masks can be seen trying to calm the woman down and talk some sense into her, but the unreasonable shopper only grows more excited and shouts for them to “Back off!”

“You need to leave, in Jesus Christ’s mighty name,” the unidentified woman continues.

As the disturbance continued, the woman gets in the face of another shopper and barks at her: “Get off this aisle! You are a demon. Get off this aisle and buy something!”

As the shocking scene continues to unfold, the woman warns other shoppers to stay away so she can resume shopping.

“That’s right,” she said.  “Until I buy something, then I will happily leave!”

“I refuse you all and cast you into the lake of fire in Jesus Christ’s mighty name!”

“Have respect for Jesus Christ’s saints,” she continues, ordering an employee to stay out of the aisle until she can finish picking her items.

At one point, the person behind the camera questions the woman about whether she really believes this is the way to convey whatever her message might be.

“What is wrong with people? She doesn’t want anyone to go down that aisle until she can get what she wants and leave the aisle,” the person says. “So she’s rebuking everyone that enters the aisle.”

In a separate video posted to Twitter of what appears to be a continuation of the same disturbance, the woman can be seen being held down on the floor by a man.

“It didn’t end well for this Karen though,” the user wrote.

The name “Karen” has been adopted by social media users as a negative nickname for middle-aged white women who demand to speak to a store manager or throw unreasonable tantrums in reaction to minor slights.

“My goodness … She can say whatever she wants, but she was getting in elderly ladies’ faces and stuff, and that’s not cool,” somebody explains in the video.

“They were on the aisle, and she was screaming in their faces and chasing them off.”

The incident drew a range of bemused responses from Twitter users. One user who claimed to be a first grade teacher wrote:

“This is exactly what 6 year olds with a lack of executive functioning skills do when they can’t control their environment. They have a melt down. A tantrum.

Another user admonished the hazards faced by grocery workers in such situations, explaining:

“Our essential workers need to be given face shields in addition to face masks. “This maskless women screaming could be #Coronavirus asymptomatic and be spreading aerosols all over these people and food products! These workers should also be given time to go home and change!”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have also issued official health guidance urging U.S. residents to always wear a cloth face mask in public in lieu of or in addition to physical distancing measures meant to mitigate the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the advice – and numerous studies showing how face coverings are a simple way to help prevent person-to-person transmission of COVID-19 – many have angrily and sometimes violently resisted the use of masks and attacked those reminding them that the masks are mandatory in some private businesses.

In another incident on July 18 at a Fred Meyer in Tumwater, Washngton, a man pulled a gun on another customer after he was asked to wear a face mask. After the man refused, he dismissed the idea that the coronavirus was real, describing it as a hoax, reports KING 5.

After the man was confronted by police and asked to hand over his firearm for the safety of store shoppers, he refused and was wrestled to the ground and placed under arrest.


Man Tried To Steal Every Newspaper In Town To Hide Story About Him Stealing Election Signs




It was like something out of a movie or a cartoon. An Iowa man attempted to steal every newspaper in his small town, just so his neighbors couldn’t see that he was listed in the police blotter for stealing election signs. Unfortunately for him, his outrageous plot to cover up his local act of election interference backfired, because the case ended up making national headlines.  

Peter De Yager got a small mention in the September 2nd edition of the Dickinson County News and he wasn’t happy about it. De Yager had recently pleaded guilty to stealing a Joe Biden election sign from a neighbors yard, so his name was listed in the crime roundup section of the paper. Just three sentences were dedicated to De Yager on the third page of the paper, but he seemed determined to keep news of his arrest private. 

After the issue featuring De Yager was released, the staff at Dickinson County News began getting reports that entire stacks of papers had gone missing from numerous locations around town.

Dickinson County News staff writer Seth Boyes told As It Happens guest host Peter Armstrong that a delivery driver was the first to notice that something was wrong.

“He told us that there were no papers anywhere along his route that day. And he also happened to mention that there was one location, at least, that told him they had some footage of a guy stealing all the papers on their on their security cameras. So from that point, I started making some calls,” Boyes said.

De Yager is a well-known businessman in the area, and a regular customer at many of the stores that he stole from, so he was identified immediately. In fact, one of the store owners recognized De Yager and didn’t even call the police, but just confronted him the next time that he came into the store. 

Boyes said the staff at the newspaper also figured things out pretty quickly.

“I got to thinking about why anyone would want to take all the papers. And it did occur to me that we’d run that police blotter, what we call the Sirens, in that week’s edition. It was kind of a long shot, we thought, but, you know, maybe it was,” he said.

As Boyes pointed out, most news is distributed on the internet these days, and print editions are more commonly sent to the homes of subscribers.

“The paper is not only available online, but subscribers get the paper directly mailed to the residents. So stealing papers out of the racks is going to have an effect, but not as large an effect as one would think,” Boyes said.

Only one of the stores, a Jiffy station, decided to press charges, while the other locally-owned stores simply accepted an apology and a repayment. 

“We went around to the various convenience stores, and some of them opted not to press charges if he agreed to come in and pay for the papers,” Spirit Lake Police Lt. Daren Diers said.

De Yager pleaded guilty to theft and trespassing for taking about $20 worth of newspapers from the Jiffy gas station, and has paid the other convenience stores back for the papers that were taken.

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Scientists Discover New Organ In The Center Of The Human Head




Medical researchers have made a shocking historical anatomical discovery by finding a new organ located at the center of the human head that has been lurking there all along.

The finding was reported in Radiotherapy and Oncology. Researchers discovered the organ by accident thanks to doctors in the Netherlands, who were examining 100 patients for prostate cancer while performing an advanced type of scan called PSMA PET/CT. This diagnostic process when paired with injections of radioactive glucose highlights tumors in the body.

However, in this case, the researchers found something else entirely, nestled in the rear of the nasopharynx. The nasopharynx functions as an airway in the respiratory system. Also contained within the nasopharynx are the adenoids, or pharyngeal tonsils.

The new organ looks to be a mysterious set of salivary glands that have been hidden inside the human head. How this was discovered in 2020, missed for centuries is unknown, but until now, the human body has had three major salivary glands — parotid, submandibular, and sublingual glands.

“People have three sets of large salivary glands, but not there,” explains radiation oncologist Wouter Vogel from the Netherlands Cancer Institute. “As far as we knew, the only salivary or mucous glands in the nasopharynx are microscopically small, and up to 1,000 are evenly spread out throughout the mucosa. So, imagine our surprise when we found these.”

Now, we can add a fourth located behind the nose and above the palate, close to the center of the human head.

“The two new areas that lit up turned out to have other characteristics of salivary glands as well,said one of the first author of the study, oral surgeon Matthijs Valstar from the University of Amsterdam.

“We call them tubarial glands, referring to their anatomical location [above the torus tubarius].”

These tubarial glands were seen to exist in the PSMA PET/CT scans of all the 100 patients, revealing visible draining duct openings towards the nasopharyngeal wall.

“To our knowledge, this structure did not fit prior anatomical descriptions,” the researchers explained in their paper.

It’s worth noting that there are an additional approximately 1,000 minor salivary glands situated throughout the oral cavity and the digestive tract. Although, these are not seen without a microscope according to Scientific Alert.

The researchers suggest the organ is found at a poorly accessible anatomical location under the skull base, which explains why it has been missed all of these centuries. The medical professionals note that it’s possible they may have noticed the duct openings, but it’s unlikely they would have realized the structures were apart of a larger gland system. But thanks to newer technology allowing advanced PSMA-PET/CT imaging techniques, seeing the macroscopical organ was possible.

The study needs to be replicated and validated. However, pathologist said that the team may be on to something and if its real it could change the way we view diseases in that region of the skull.

“It seems like they may be onto something,” pathologist Valerie Fitzhugh from Rutgers University, who wasn’t involved with the study, told The New York Times.

“If it’s real, it could change the way we look at disease in this region.”

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Pastor Says God Intended Earth As A ‘Disposable Planet’ In Climate Sermon




American pastor John MacArthur made headlines this year for his defiance of COVID restrictions, which has brought new attention to his catalog of sermons, and they contain some outrageous claims, as many would suspect. 

In one sermon where he discusses environmentalism, he claims that Earth is a “disposable planet.”

“God intended us to use this planet to fill this planet for the benefit of man. Never was intended to be a permanent planet. It is a disposable planet. Christians ought to know that,” MacArthur said

He went on to say that, “Yes its beauty can be seen. I’ve been everywhere on this planet, and I’ll tell you, it is a stunning and glorious thing to stand and look at a distance at the beauty of this planet. But the closer you get to it, the more deadly it becomes. I’ve seen the beauty of the great Alps, the Southern Alps and the Northern Alps. But I’ll tell you what, I don’t want to be up there by myself for a week. I’ve seen the beauty of the great deserts of the world, but I don’t want to be out there alone without water by myself. I want to be somewhere where there’s a building and that building has air conditioning and water. I want to go where people have subdued the creation. I’m not under any foolish assumptions that if we just let it go wild, we’ll preserve life. If you let it go, the wilder it is, the more deadly it is.”

In the same sermon, he goes on to say that he would prefer all of nature to be tamed, and even praised the De Beers diamond mines. He went on a strange rant admitting that slave labor was used to mine diamonds, but then added that “God loves jewelry.” 

“Get all the pearls you can. Dig up all the diamonds you can. Get all the natural resources you can, the replenishable resources, natural gas and oil and everything that God has put in this planet. It’s an absolutely staggering little piece that’s floating around in infinite space,” he said.

The sermon is called “The End of the Universe Part 2” and can be seen below:

The transcript can be read here.

He has been acknowledged by Christianity Today as one of the most influential preachers of his time and was a frequent guest on Larry King Live as a representative of an evangelical Christian perspective. MacArthur has written or edited more than 150 books, most notably the MacArthur Study Bible, which has sold more than 1 million copies and received a Gold Medallion Book Award. Other best-selling books include his MacArthur New Testament Commentary Series (more than 1 million copies), Twelve Ordinary Men (more than 500,000 copies), and the children’s book A Faith to Grow On, which garnered an ECPA Christian Book Award.

MacArthur has been involved with multiple controversies regarding his outspokenness on certain topics. MacArthur is very open about opposing same-sex marriage, against female pastors, and the social justice movement.

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