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Man Getting Smashed With ‘Twisted Tea’ Can Makes Perfect Meme to End 2020

“Smack me! Smack me, n***a,” the drunk man goads.



A recent viral video featured the smack heard around the world, and internet users were quick to express delight over the graceful comeuppance.

A wild video from the Midwest showing a white man having a can of hard iced-tea literally exploded into his face after he repeatedly called a Black customer the n-word has become the perfect meme to end a brutal year.

In the original video, the belligerent and drunk Caucasian customer can be seen accosting a Black shopper in line at a gas station in Ohio as fellow customers urge the man to calm down before he reaches the point of no return.

Instead, the white customer continued to pour out profanities, and even goes so far as to threaten to say, “F*ck yo momma, n***a.” He also drops the n-bomb no less than seven times.

Clearly annoyed and struggling to keep his calm, the Black man can be seen brandishing the 24-ounce can of Twisted Tea while struggling to restrain himself from using it as a weapon, but the white customer persistently taunts him.

“What? You gonna smack me with that?,” the white man goads.

“Smack me! Smack me, n***a!” he continues, taunting the Black man by slapping his own face.

After briefly fumbling the alcoholic beverage to the ground, the white man attempts to kick it and missed, sparking an altercation that began with the Black man literally exploding the can directly in the face of the obnoxious antagonist.

The woman filming the incident then exclaims, “Yeah you got yours, buddy!”

The white man is knocked over briefly before attempting to retaliate, after which he is easily wrestled into submission onto the floor and squarely punched five times in the head while the Black man sarcastically dares him to call him the n-word again.

After the antagonist finally taps out while pleading, “you’re good, you’re good,” the Black man releases him while saying “I asked you not to call me a [n-word].”

Naturally, he then appears to go back to the chilled beverage section of the store to get a new tall can of Twisted Tea.

The incident happened at a Circle K convenience store in the city of Elyria, reports the Chronicle Telegram. According to local police, authorities were never notified of the incident.

The gripping video footage of the brief brawl was posted to Twitter on Dec. 24, and has since made its way across every platform of social media, inspiring an outpouring of hilarious memes.

Some wonderful remixes of the video also replayed the footage alongside the music of the Dave Matthews Band, Bruno Mars and Phil Collins.

YouTubers also joined the fun, with Black-Filipino user blasianFMA commenting that the video “really touched my soul.”

The Twisted Tea meme has now joined the pantheon of memorable moments in a terrible year, alongside Ghana’s dancing pallbearers and Doggface skating and drinking Ocean Spray cranberry juice while listening to Fleetwood Mac.

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