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Possible UFO Swarm Spotted in Southern California Skies: Report

The strange sighting happened near the crossroads of LA, Orange, and Riverside counties.



Well, it looks like there’s been another UFO sighting in recent days – this time, in Southern California.

New video obtained by tabloid outlet TMZ appears to show a number of mysterious giant orbs flying above Chino Hils, which lies roughly at the crossroads of LA, Orange, and Riverside counties.

The orbs appear to circle around one another and move in strange patterns.

The video was shot at around 9 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 9, by a woman who was watching her grandson take out the trash. While she initially believed they may have been spotlights from a nearby grand opening, there was no light emanating from below. So far, it has no clear explanation.

Judge for yourself:

Could it be that this was some fleet, like the one a pilot recently believed he saw above the Pacific Ocean?

Who knows? In recent years, there has been a spate of bizarre sightings. And it bears repeating that a UFO is simply an Unidentified Flying Object, which hardly implies that the objects in question are extraterrestrial in origin.

For example, in recent years drone swarms – or multiple unmanned aerial systems (UAS) – have been deployed by militaries and civilian organizations alike for purposes ranging from the deadly to the somewhat mundane.

However, in the past couple years the U.S. government itself has also confirmed some close encounters by military personnel with still-unidentified flying vessels.

The U.S. government and Pentagon also insist that rather than calling the strange vessels “UFOs,” they prefer the term Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAPs. The Pentagon is even going so far as creating a new wing specifically devoted to studying the objects.

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