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Creative Japanese Mom Turns Fried Eggs Into Adorable Meals & We’re In Love



Every parent is aware of the fact that children can be notoriously finicky eaters when it comes to food. The look of the kid’s meals is as significant, as well as the taste. Therefore, a large number of parents all over the globe invest a lot of time and effort into preparing nutritious meals that seem appetizing to their children. 

There is one mom, however, who puts most to shame with her insanely creative egg meals.  Etoni Mama is a master of Kyaraben (character bento): the art of styling food to look like cartoon people and animals.

Kyaraben is a technique that has become popular among Japanese mothers as a means of encouraging their children to consume lunchbox meals that they bring to school. In addition to that, the activity itself has given creative mothers an outlet for their originality. Every mother has her own one-of-a-kind way of making kyaraben that caters to the interests of her children.

Etoni Mama began posting pictures of the elaborate and entertaining meals she prepared on Instagram after being urged to do so by a colleague. Within a couple of years, she had amassed a substantial fan following of more than 103 thousand followers on the platform. But it wasn’t the end of her achievements. The food artist has also released a cookbook that showcases original recipes and tips direct from her own kitchen. The book was designed to assist other parents in providing their children with food that is so adorable that they can’t help but eat it.

It would seem that eggs are consumed all the time as a meal in Japan. Th e people there have come up with some interesting new ways to cook and eat them. This staple meal is not only an excellent source of nourishment for Etoni Mama, but it also serves as an excellent medium for her artistic endeavors. Her creative use of fried eggs not only encourages her children to finish their breakfast and lunchboxes, but it also makes them look forward to eating them.

You can check out more of the eggcellent creativity on her Instagram.

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