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Man Stranded at Sea 30 Miles From Shore Records His ‘Final Moments’ in Emotional Video

He was left alone stranded in the middle of the sea for six hours.



Diver Stranded

A scuba diver who thought he was doomed when he was lost and stranded at sea 30 miles off shore managed to record for loved ones what he believed to be his final moments on Earth.

Jacob Childs was out with a group of divers back in 2016 off the coast of southeast Queensland, Australia, when he ran into tremendous trouble.

As he emerged from the water after diving, the thirty-year-old man noticed that the boat he came on was moving away, and he was unable to locate the safety line.

Even though he tried his best to keep up with the boat, it eventually moved out of sight, and he was left by himself in the middle of the sea for a period of six hours.

After it was completely dark, Jacob started to lose hope that a search and rescue team would be able to locate him in the water, so he made the conscious decision to record what he believed would be his last few minutes alive to document for his family.

“So that’s it. The sun goes down they won’t do nothing. That’s a wrap on old Jakey,” he says in the video in a moment of despair as the sun went down.

The diver explained in a subsequent statement that he ran into problems when he surfaced and discovered that the rope had been pulled in.

And unfortunately, the captain did not return to get him and instead drove away.

“We took a while to anchor up … which left us [with] several people in different states of readiness. I was one of the first to hop in [to the water],” Jacob told ABC.

“It was then 15 minutes before the last people hopped in … in which time we were fighting the current the whole way.

“Then we started to descend down the line. One person was up the top, so I went to swap hands and I missed the rope … so I surfaced alongside to the boat.

“There was no tagline out the back for me to grab on to … by the time the skipper had thrown it out I was already past it.”

He also told the Express:

“It’s a long time to spend by yourself, and it’s a long swim back to shore.

“There’s nothing to judge where you are. All the waves look the same and there’s no land to try and gage yourself against.

“I think they picked me up eight miles from where we were diving.”

Thankfully, a massive search and rescue operation was eventually launched in order to locate Jacob and bring him to safety on land.

And at around 5.30 o’clock in the evening, a plane saw him floating in the middle of the sea.

“I was nice and warm in my wetsuit … I wasn’t overly tired as I was floating,” Jacob said.

“I just wanted a drink of water and a cup of tea,” he added.

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