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Plummeting Paraglider Narrowly Avoids Death by 1 Second in Heart-Stopping Video

The entire near-death experience was captured on his helmet camera.




Kevin Philipp, an experienced paraglider in Spain, is lucky to be alive after his lines became severely tangled as he fell from the sky, narrowly avoiding certain death after getting his rescue parachute to activate literally a second before smashing into the ground.

And lucky for the internet—the near-death experience was captured on his helmet camera!

In the video, the paraglider is seen plummeting from to the ground, spinning as he desperately tries to untangle the lines, but the attempt was futile.

Philipp then tries to deploy his reserve chute, but that wouldn’t open either, as he continues to plunge thousands of feet through the sky, gaining more speed racing towards his imminent death.

“This was not the day to die!” he later wrote.

In the description of his video, Philipp suggested it may have been “strong turbulence” that triggered the anxiety-inducing incident during his descent.

“Break [sic] line got stuck,” he said. “Falling into the lines and wing made the rescue parachute throw quite hard. The falling speed increased a lot due to the twisting wing.”

“The very last chance was to manually open the rescue package.”

By the time he was able to manually deploy his emergency rescue parachute, Philipp estimated he was only “one second” away from impact, after which he can heard yelling “oh my god” as he collides into a tree.

Despite the extremely close call, Philipp says freak accidents like this for a paraglider are very uncommon.

“This occasion is quite unlucky and rare,” he explained.

Just to keep in mind. Fly high, land safe ?”

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