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Take This Test To See If You Or Someone You Know Is A Psychopath

Are you a psychopath? Score above 30 on this test, and perhaps you are…



Psychopath Test

Did you know there’s a psychopath test you can take online to find out if you or someone you know might actually be one?

It’s very possible that you didn’t really understand the meaning of the word when you’ve been called—or called someone—a psychopath in the past.

So… what makes a psychopath a psychopath?

Looking at a paper published in 2014, one definition of psychopathy described the condition as “‘marked by deficient emotional responses, lack of empathy, and poor behavioral controls, commonly resulting in persistent antisocial deviance and criminal behavior.”

Numerous elements, including genetic effects and developmental circumstances, are thought to play a role in the emergence of psychopaths. Although there is a hereditary predisposition to the disorder, a person’s development and upbringing are extremely important.

You Can Take A Test To See If You’re A Psychopath

Forensic psychologist by the name of Robert D. Hare created a checklist of questions for diagnosing psychopathy in the 1970s, and lucky for us here in the future, that test is now easily accessible online.

Although the focus of Hare’s work had been centered on working with Canadian convicts, it has since been used in many other circumstances.

It’s important to note that having just a few of these characteristics does not automatically qualify someone as a psychopath; the definition of a psychopath is much more nuanced than that.

Nevertheless, the list is intriguing to go through.

Here’s How The Test Works

Over twenty characteristics that may contribute to psychopathy are listed on the checklist, which must be scored by one of three categories: “fully applies,” which scores a value of three points, “slightly applies,” which earns one point, and “does not apply,” which counts for zero points.

All of those scores are then added together to create a number out of 40. Anyone who scores over 30—or 25 in the UK, technically—is probably a psychopath.

For example, things like “glib and superficial charm,” “grandiose self-worth,” “pathological lying,” “lack of remorse or guilt,” “parasitic lifestyle,” “promiscuous sexual behavior,” and “criminal versatility” are among the characteristics.

It is estimated about 1 in every 100 people are psychopaths.

The list does contain certain criteria, however, that may surprise you.

Additionally taken into account are things like “lack of realistic long-term goals,” “impulsivity,” and “irresponsibility.”

However, the test has long been criticized by some people for failing to take into consideration the variable and ever-changing nature of human behavior, as well as the fact that many of the criteria can be used to diagnose other diseases and conditions.

Anyway, enough about that! Click here to take the test.

NOTE: This test is not useful as an actual psychological self-assessment.

Furthermore, even though you can perform this exam on your own, if you’re going to take it seriously, you should have a professional conduct it.

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