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Courageous Man Let A Venus Flytrap Digest His Finger For An Entire Day Just To See What Happens

“OK today I’m going to be seeing if I can get a venus flytrap to digest my finger…”



Venus Flytrap Digest Finger

As an experiment, someone actually decided to let a venus flytrap eat their finger for an entire day just to see what happens.

Imagine having to go to the emergency room and trying to explain to the doctors that you let a plant eat your fingers.

“OK today I’m going to be seeing if I can get a venus flytrap to digest my finger,” the man says as the video begins.

First, he demonstrates the behavior of a venus flytrap after it has successfully captured a bee. Rest in peace, little bee.

Next, he wraps the venus flytrap around his finger and secures it with tape so that he won’t have to spend the entire day seated next to the plant.

After waiting for six hours, this courageous man finally pulls his finger out of the venus flytrap and shows us the final outcome.

“I have always been slightly uneasy with Venus Fly Traps ever since I saw the show Little Shop of Horrors. I decided to test out how dangerous it really is to stick your finger in a Venus Fly Trap,” the man explained.

He continued: “I literally strapped the plant to my finger all day in order to give it a chance to digest my finger. I was really surprised by the results!

Beware of the man-eating plants!”

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