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Weatherman Goes Viral After Realizing His Weather Map is Now a Touchscreen in Hilarious Video

“What? No waaaaay?” he said when the map responded to his finger. 



Weatherman Touchscreen

While reporting live on air, Chicago’s ABC7 meteorologist Greg Dutra was completely astounded on Thursday (August 4) morning to see that his weather map was actually a touchscreen.

Rarely does one get to truly appreciate new technology as pure magic.

“What? No waaaaay?” the weatherman said when the map responded to his finger. 

He spent the next minute smiling ear to ear playing with his new touchscreen toy, declaring, “It’s a great day! It’s a great day!” 

Technology is frequently full of surprises.

Dutra said that because he first accepted the job right before the pandemic, he was sent home for over a year and had actually never received a proper tour of the newsroom.

“I started working here about four months before COVID shut everything down. I got onboarded, generally. I got shown around the shift, just the general stuff that you really only do in the first couple of months. That screen predated me. I was home for over a year, and then I came back and everybody probably just assumed that I knew it was a touch screen monitor, and I had no idea until I found out on TV.”
Greg Dutra, ABC7 Meteorologist

Apparently nobody ever informed him about the touchscreen technology when he returned to work.

The video has now gone viral, having already been watched by people on Twitter over 1.7 million times.

You can catch weatherman Greg Dutra talk about it on Monday’s episode of Good Morning America.

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