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The English Language is Just a ‘Dialect’ of Mandarin Chinese, Scholars Claim

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area 51

650,000 People Are Planning to Storm Area 51 to Jailbreak the Aliens Inside

(TMU) — Thousands of alien enthusiasts appear to be planning to storm the infamo...

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Earliest-Ever Cannabis Smoking Discovered China

Proof of Earliest-Ever Cannabis Smoking Discovered in Mountains of China

The find proves that for millennia humans have been using cannabis for what it’s...

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metal moon anomaly

Scientists Say There’s a Massive Metal Structure Buried in the Dark Side of the Moon

The structure deposit is likely the leftover iron-nickel core of an asteroid which...

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Shamanic Pounce Cocaine Ayahuasca

Scientists Discover 1,000-Year-Old Shamanic Pouch Containing Cocaine and Ayahuasca

Archaeologists have found evidence of powerful psychotropic drugs inside of a 1,00...

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Tomb Egypt Bursting Color

Recently Discovered Tomb in Egypt Still Bursting With Color After 4,300 Years

Archaeologists made an astounding find earlier this year in Egypt. A tomb of a Fif...

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Collision Ancient Object Life Earth

Massive Collision With Ancient Planet May Have Seeded Earth With the Ingredients for Life

According to a groundbreaking new study, life as we know it was the result of a ma...

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Ancient Stone Circle

Archaeologists Embarrassed After Farmer Admits to Building ‘Ancient’ Stone Circle in 1990s

Archaeologists are undergoing a crisis of self-doubt after it was discovered that ...

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Prosthetic Hand

Archaeologists Discovered a 3,500-Year-Old Prosthetic Hand in Switzerland

Did you know that even in the Bronze Age, people wore prosthetics? The unique disc...