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Japan’s Ancient Forestry Technique Produces High-Grade Lumber With No Need to Chop Down Trees

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People Flock To Get Tattooed By This 103-Year-Old Filipino Traditional Tattoo Artist

She was born in 1917, making her 103 years old. What makes her even more remarkabl...

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Monument Of Native American Hero ‘Crazy Horse’ Slowly Takes Shape In South Dakota

In 1948, Korczak Ziolkowski, started work on his giant sculpture of Crazy Horse, ...

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Kailasa temple

Ancient Engineering Wonders: This 1,200-Year-Old Temple Was Carved out of Solid Rock

One of of most impressive structures of the ancient world is the majestic Kailasa ...

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Astonishing Neolithic Circle of 30-Foot “Shafts” Discovered Near Stonehenge

"This is an unprecedented find of major significance within the UK," said archaeol...

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‘Wondrous’ Ancient Pool Never Seen by Humans Discovered 700 Feet Deep in New Mexico Cave

It is believed that the pool has never before been seen by human eyes....

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Ancient Roman Mosaic Is Discovered in Pristine Condition Under a Vineyard in Italy

This pristine ‘archaeological treasure’ near Verona may date to 3rd century AD...

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Scientists: Ancient Australians Lived With Huge Kangaroos, Lizards, Other Megafauna for 20,000 Years

The enormous megafauna roamed Australia until about 40,000 and years ago, accordin...

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Ancient Tree Discovered With a Record of Earth’s Magnetic Field Reversal in Its Rings

The 40,000-year-old tree is the first ever found to have a record of Earth's magne...