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Scientists: Ancient Australians Lived With Huge Kangaroos, Lizards, Other Megafauna for 20,000 Years

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Ancient Tree Discovered With a Record of Earth’s Magnetic Field Reversal in Its Rings

The 40,000-year-old tree is the first ever found to have a record of Earth's magne...

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Scientists Find Stunning 25,000-Year-Old Structure Made Entirely From Bones of 60 Mammoths

The 40-foot wide circular hut was built primarily from the skulls, tusks, and skel...

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Antarctica Rainforest Dinosaurs

New Evidence Reveals Antarctica Was a Swampy Rainforest Full of Dinosaurs 90 Million Years Ago

A new study paints a picture of a very different prehistoric Antarctica, one that ...

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Bright Comet Last Seen by Ancient Egyptians Could Grace Our Skies Just as Coronavirus Peaks

It’s important to remember that these beautiful spectacles pose no real threat t...

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Stuck Indoors? Enjoy These Museums, Aquariums, National Parks, Zoos and Symphonies From Home

Here are a few cultural “outings” you can now enjoy from your computer, tablet...

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Life on Mars

Scientists Say That NASA Rover May Have Found Evidence of Life on Mars

However, the team isn’t jumping to any conclusions just yet....

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Photographer Captures One of the Last Female Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

While golden eagle hunters were historically male, women did eventually break thro...

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Australian Indigenous

Australian Indigenous Community Asks Authorities for Permission to Ban Christian Missionaries

An Indigenous community in Australia is seeking to prevent Christian missionaries ...