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Newsweek OPCW Scandal

Newsweek Journalist Quits After Outlet Refuses to Publish Story on OPCW Scandal

“I could have kept silent and kept my job, but I would not have been able to con...

Conspiracy Theorist

Pro Tip: Mentally Replace All Uses of “Conspiracy Theorist” With “Iraq Rememberer”

The Iraq war isn’t some event that happened in the past; everything about it is ...

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Epstein Killed Himself

Barr Ends All Conspiracy Theories: Jeffrey Epstein Killed Himself in “Perfect Storm of Screw-Ups”

Epstein’s death was simply the result of a very, very, very long series of unfor...

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Dissident Journalists

Mainstream Journalists Who Refuse to Defend Dissident Journalists Are Worshippers of Power

Journalists who fail to defend Assange and Blumenthal are telling us they’ve cho...

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Syrian Chemical Attack Evidence Was Manipulated to Blame Assad: OPCW Whistleblower

"The picture is certainly clearer now, although very disturbing," said former OPCW...

Kremlin Talking Point

Truth is a Kremlin Talking Point

Facts are now a Kremlin talking point, and anyone who believes them is Russian....

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Twitter British Army Psyop Soldier

Exposed: Twitter Executive in Charge of Middle East is British Army ‘PsyOp’ Soldier

So it turns out Twitter employs military propagandists and even promotes them to e...

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Environment Pentagon

Want to Save the Environment? Defund the Pentagon.

The U.S. military is the world's largest polluter....