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Sovereign Human

How to Be a Mentally Sovereign Human

To attain a truly self-sovereign mind, you need to put truth above all else in eve...

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Iraq US Troops

US to Iraq: We’re Staying Whether You Like It or Not

The invasion of Iraq has been a senseless, unforgivable evil from the very beginni...

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Full-Scale War

Full-Scale War Narrowly Avoided, so Trump Goes Right Back to Warmongering

We were all forced to hold our breath and hope against hope that cooler heads woul...

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Trump Sanctions Iraq

Trump Threatens “Very Big Sanctions” on Iraq “Like They’ve Never Seen” If US Troops Leave

The US government's passion for "democracy" in Iraq has magically disappeared....

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Iran World War 3

US Assassination of Iran’s Top Military Leader May Ignite World War 3

Trump personally ordered the assassination of Iran's most popular and powerful mil...

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Wikileaks Biggest Scandal 2019

Media’s Deafening Silence on the Biggest Scandal of 2019 is Chilling

This scandalous silence is enough to fully discredit the mass media forever....

Everything Fucked

The Real Reason Why Everything is Fucked

Every adult on this planet started off tiny, helpless, impressionable, and surroun...

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Syria Narrative

New WikiLeaks Bombshell Further Shreds Syria Chemical Attack Narrative

Evidence suggesting the gas attack never happened was repressed by the OPCW at th...