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Jill Stein Hillary Clinton

Jill Stein Challenges Hillary Clinton to Debate After ‘Russian Asset’ Smear

“In light of the latest slanderous allegations from Hillary Clinton, I challenge...


Kurds Strike Deal With Syrian Government to Battle Turkey’s Offensive After Trump Orders Evacuation of Remaining US Troops

(CD) – Kurdish forces in northern Syria announced Sunday that the Syrian gov...

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Dallas Police

Community Meeting on Dallas Police Descends Into Chaos After Public Told They Couldn’t Speak

The policy was reversed after community activists clashed with police officers ove...

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Arctic Ocean Boiling Methane Bubbles

“This is Truly Terrifying”: Scientists Find Huge Area of Arctic Ocean “Boiling With Methane Bubbles”

"This is the most powerful seep I have ever been able to observe... No one has eve...

Brazilian Experts Genocide Underway Uncontacted Tribes

Brazilian Experts Warn in Open Letter: ‘Genocide is Underway’ Against Uncontacted Tribes

In an open letter to Brazilian society, experts warned that a "genocide is underwa...

Ellen DeGeneres George W. Bush

Ellen DeGeneres Roasted for Attending Football Game With George W. Bush

"Every American president has been complicit in some evil stuff. But George W. Bus...

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Police Raid Extinction Rebellion

Police Use Battering Ram to Raid Extinction Rebellion Building Before Climate Protest

"This is not what democracy looks like."...


Wife of US Diplomat Claims ‘Immunity’ and Flees UK After Deadly Hit-and-Run

She killed a 19-year-old boy by driving on the wrong side of the road, hitting him...