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Elina St-Onge

Hi! My name is Elina and I've been a content creator in the alternative media field since 2010. In the 7 years I've spent immersed in political and new age information, what I've learned is this: Learning about the latest government scheme, astrology forecast and health craze has its place; but ultimately, it is not the thing that will make you a better human being. Dissecting the subject of quantum physics, waiting for an extraterrestrial disclosure or scrutinizing a politician's every move won't necessarily help you be a positive player in your community, or bring you the focus and practical wisdom needed to get your life together. Information lives in your head. It is the quality of your being that determines how well you participate in the dance of life. This is why I now strive to be the change I wish to see in the world and focus on creating content that inspires the same. If you dig what I'm saying, follow my work here:

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