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The Middle East Monitor is a not-for-profit press monitoring organization, founded in 2009. MEMO is largely focused on the Israeli–Palestinian conflict, but writes about other issues in the Middle East as well.

Nobel Prize Trump Former ISIS Sex Slave

‘They Gave You a Nobel Prize for What?’ Trump Asks Former ISIS Sex Slave

Trump appeared confused and unfamiliar with the work of Nobel Peace Prize winner N...

Israel Netanyahu DNA Palestine

Israel’s Netanyahu Uses Ancient DNA Claim to Justify Occupation of Palestine

Netanyahu's denial of the Palestinians' right to their homeland was criticized b...

Iranian Army Secret Weapon

Top Commander of Iranian Army Threatens US Forces With “Secret Weapon”

He warned that Iran owns a “unique secret weapon” which it would use against U...

Trump Sanctions Dead Iranian Leader

Trump Accidentally Sanctioned an Iranian Leader Who Died in 1989

President Trump has been roundly mocked for announcing sanctions on an Iranian lea...

Israeli Colombia Child Prostitution Ring Arrested

Israeli Soldier Who Headed Child Prostitution Ring Arrested in Portugal

An ex-Israeli soldier wanted in Colombia for heading a child prostitution ring and...

Pompeo Iraq Iran

Pompeo to Iraq: Stand With the US Against Iran or Get Out of the Way

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Iraqi leaders that if they are not going ...

Palestine Does Not Exist

US Lawmaker Triggers Outrage by Tweeting “Palestine Does Not Exist”

A pro-Israel New York lawmaker has prompted outrage by tweeting that “Palestine ...

Secret Nuclear Power Saudi Arabia

US Approves Secret Nuclear Power Work for Saudi Arabia

US Energy Secretary Rick Perry has approved six secret authorizations by companies...