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Elementary Students Create 3D Crosswalk That Forces Drivers to Slow Down


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3D Crosswalk Forces Drivers Slow Down

Elementary Students Create 3D Crosswalk That Forces Drivers to Slow Down

Two Massachusetts elementary school students are being praised for their innovativ...

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Nobel Prize Students

Humble Professor Gives Away All of His Nobel Prize Money to Students

Unlike many high-profile celebrities, George Smith deserves to be well-known. The ...

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Child's Connection Nature

Scientists Develop Tool to Measure a Child’s Connection With Nature

As people age, they often stumble upon the realization that time spent in nature a...

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Doctors Pump Stomach 15 Beers

Doctors Pump 15 Bottles of Beer Into Man’s Stomach to Save His Life

It’s January, the month most people intend to give up their vices — not in...

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7 Ways An Improved Spirituality is Emerging in the Western World

Finally there is a little more ‘uncommon sense’ sweeping widely across spiritu...

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Are You Rising Above the Divide and Conquer Strategy?

It’s great to believe we know some answers to life’s deepest questions, or eve...

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False Flags Are Now Well Recognized in our Collective Psyche

It was only several decades ago that the term ‘false flag’ was rarely ...

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Say Hello to the Collective Shaman (Hint: You Are Part of It)

The role of the Shaman in the original peoples is to resolve issues of the tribe t...