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Here’s How You Can Help 60 Indian Kids Go To School.



Did you know that in rural India…

  • 50% of children between the ages of 6 to 14 are not going to see the inside of a school?
  • More than a third of children do not attend school past the 4th grade and 60% of girls won’t even reach it.
  • Overwhelmed and underpaid, Many teachers don’t even show up to work, leaving the kids with nothing to do.

Did you know that by being a “Creative Philanthropist” and supporting the following cause, you will…

  • Provide over 60 children the chance to attend classes on a regular basis.
  • Allow a school to employ 3 teachers with a fair wage, which will alleviate a lot of stress while they teach.
  • Get children a school bus. With transportation, children won’t waste a lot of energy having to walk sometimes as far as 3 – 4 miles, allowing them to focus in class.
  • Get a school the textbooks, a better set up and school materials it needs.

If that sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, keep reading. Creative Philanthropy is a movement that empowers underprivileged children through education about self-care, earth-care and creative expression. With our help, they are about to build a school in Rural India to provide children with a better education, while creating a platform that raises funding for the education of underprivileged children via the support of creatives around the world.

Creating Education For Children Worldwide

Creative Philanthropy offers self-identified Creatives a platform to empower underprivileged children worldwide. These Creatives contribute towards social impact projects that support education and knowledge for action about Self Care, Earth Care and Creative Expression.

The Creative Philanthropists choose from several impact-oriented actions. From supporting financially, through outreach or any other way they choose to serve.

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How It All Started

It all began when Puneet, the Chief Creative Philanthropist, wrote a children’s storybook as a birthday gift for his then 3-year-old daughter, Ila. The vision grew into a movement based in love, which supports other children who do not have as many resources as Ila does. Puneet decided to commit all profits from the sales of his first book to support the education of underprivileged kids in his home country.

The Mercy of God Academy, which is located in the Uttarakhand state of India, is the first school to receive assistance from Creative Philanthropy.

Help over 60 children get the chance to attend classes on a regular basis. 

The Mercy of God Academy was founded by Jonathan and Rubina, a young couple from Punjab who were visiting the area. They met many local children who had little to no education.

Jonathan and Rubina started a basic school for the children, they searched the area for dedicated teachers and gave all of their time and money, committed in their vision to helping children.

Due to low funds, they were still limited in their capacity to provide for their students. Creative Philanthropy met with the school in May 2015.

The team behind Creative Philanthropy met with the local families and community to work with them to figure out the local situation

They spent time with the kids to see how they were doing in school and saw such dedication and commitment from the founders that they immediately came on board.

Creative Philanthropy committed to helping provide textbooks, materials, computers, a broadband connection, scholarships for children showing potential for future growth, fair wages for teachers to encourage more dedicated teachers to join the school, and also for a school bus.

Creative Philanthropy is also supporting the build of a new school premises for Mercy of God Academy. They aim to have the school build in the second half of 2017. 

Creative Philanthropy’s Objectives

  • To educate and empower the children by locating and supporting local educators in underprivileged communities who want to provide a better education for children.
  • To develop and deliver a framework for holistic education for children comprising actionable knowledge on self-care, earth care and creative expression.
  • To identify future leaders from amongst the children and support their growth.
  • To create and grow a global community of Creative Philanthropists and the Dream Builders who support our various projects.

Earth-care education will teach a child to make changes at home at a young age and support their own local ecosystem, giving them the tools needed to reduce, if not improve, their environmental impact. One educated and empowered student could change the world, so let’s all pool together and help this cause!

Check out Creative Philanthropy’s campaign to learn more about the project and how you can help. CLICK HERE

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