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How Much Plastic Are You Eating Every Week? A Lot.


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Eating Plastic Every Week

How Much Plastic Are You Eating Every Week? A Lot.

A new study has revealed how much plastic we are consuming from our drinking water...

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Iceland Lava-Filtered Tap Water

Iceland Wants People to Drop Bottled Water and Drink Its Lava-Filtered Tap Water Instead

The government of Iceland is urging tourists to ditch bottled water and drink the ...

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Yes, Seriously: Nestlé Executive Confirmed to Seat on Maine Board of Environmental Protection

As if Mainers needed evidence their state government prefers corporate interests o...

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A Bloody Water War Rages in Mexico as Irate Residents Vow to Halt Corona Brewery Construction

A battle the people of the United States should watch like hawks continues to unfo...

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Nestlé Pays $200 Yearly to Extract Water Near Flint, Where Undrinkable Water Is $200 a Month

Nestlé — already notorious for shelling out just $524 annually to extract tens ...

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Flint Threatens to Kick 8,000 Families Out of Their Homes if They Don’t Pay for Poison Water

Flint, MI — By now, nearly everyone knows multiple government officials in Michi...

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Why Global Healing Is About To Accelerate

How often have we truly wanted to forgive a situation, a person, or even ourselves...

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Learning from Nature to Survive Climate Change

Nature is a master at what it does. It knows how to adapt, survive, thrive, nurtur...