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Free Energy: Outshines 10 Million Billion Suns, Rips Holes in Fabric of Reality



Super Nova

Super Nova

It is now well known that our secret governments have suppressed hundreds, if not thousands of types of sustainable or ‘free’ energy that would unshackle us from petrochemical wars, pollution, and poverty, but one among them is startling to consider for the probable power it could provide – one that would make solar look like small potatoes.

A single 10 second gamma ray burst from deep space can contain as much energy as our sun has emitted over its 10 billion year lifecycle. When gamma ray bursts happen in space, they are so bright that they dim all the surrounding stars for hundreds of thousands of miles.

What is a Gamma Ray?

Gamma rays are a form of energy that is a penetrating electromagnetic radiation that arises from the radioactive decay of atomic nuclei. Gamma rays are the most energetic form of light, otherwise known as electromagnetic radiation. Tiny packets of photons deliver this incredible power.

To understand the energy spectrum, one must realize that at the lowest end are radio waves, and at the highest end (at least as far as we known currently) are gamma rays. Considering that the human eye is blind to a large portion of the electromagnetic spectrum it isn’t surprising that we have overlooked this type of energy until very recently.

Astronomers; however, are able to observe cosmic events that often go undetectable by most naked human eyes. Star births and deaths emit photons across the electromagnetic spectrum signifying an ever-changing Universe.

Using special telescopes and equipment like x-ray detectors we saw some of the first gamma-ray bursts in the 1960s – or so says NASA, a part of the military industrial complex which has revealed as many deep space secrets as it has been complicit in covering up.

Ironically we found deep space gamma rays looking for violations of the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty at the end of the Cold War. When they found gamma rays they did not expect to see this type of energy coming from deep space, but from our own planet.

The Birth of a Gamma Ray Burst

Scientists still have several theories about how gamma ray bursts happen in deep space. Possibly, they occurr as a massive star is dying – those with a mass often ten times that of our sun. Others believe that gamma ray bursts are an exploding supernovae, or the result of a merging of a neutron star and a black hole, and possibly even two black holes becoming one.

The power of one super nova has been known to rip holes in the fabric of reality. One supernova produces about as much energy as the sun does in its entire lifetime and don’t forget that sun outputs the equivalent energy of a hundred billion megaton nukes every second! The energy released in a supernova is on the order or 10^44 Joules. Einstein’s general relativity describes a fourth dimension regarding up down, left right, back and forth, the fourth is space time, aka a “fabric of space”.

When we contemplate the energy inherent in a black hole alone, it is absolutely colossal. A black hole is created when a supermassive star dies. Supermassive stars are sometimes larger than 20 of our suns put together. When supermassive stars die, they contain an unimaginable amount of power within them – but how could this be harnessed?

Orders of Magnitude of Energy

10−14 > 2×10−14 J energy of gamma ray photons[8]
2.7×10−14 J upper bound of the mass-energy of a muon neutrino[21][22]
8.2×10−14 J rest mass-energy of an electron[23]
10−13 1.6×10−13 J 1 megaelectronvolt (MeV)[24]


Some scientists believe that gamma rays explain the Fermi-paradox – the seeming contradiction between the high chance of their being alien life and the ‘so-called’ lack of it on this planet, but is that just another way to cover up more interesting information?

Others believe gamma rays are the product of distant alien warfare happening in galaxies besides our own.

“. . . It’s inconceivable that any civilization could generate artificially the colossal energies associated with GRBs. Moreover, if GRBs were, in fact, telltale signs of distant alien warfare, astronomers would observe energy bursts anisotropically, or coming from a preferred direction in space…

…which is exactly what has been happening recently. In Antarctica, the IceCube Neutrino Observatory is designed to detect the ever-elusive neutrino–subatomic particles emitted from cataclysmic astrophysical phenomena like supernovae and GRBs. Although, for this experiment, they are considered “noise”, IceCube can also detect cosmic rays. Not only has IceCube been detecting an over-abundance of cosmic rays, lately, they have been observed anisotropically–coming from a preferred direction. Now THAT is the kind of observation that would hint at being muzzle flashes from distant alien warfare.”

Perhaps it isn’t inconceivable after all. If GRB are not created, perhaps they are harnessed for specific purposes. SETI researchers have said that any signal we receive from alien life forms would be in the form of a radio signal, but this is the lowest form of electromagnetic energy in the spectrum, as I have detailed.

Gamma Ray Burst Quicker than Lightening and Brighter than 10 Million Billion Suns

Even finding gamma ray bursts in deep space is difficult for earthly scientists since they happen so quickly, and they are also extremely rare, thought to happen only once every 10,000 years per galaxy.

In 1999, a network of scientists was notified within 4 seconds of the start of a burst that a gamma ray event (GRB 990123) was in progress. Due to the coordinated efforts of scientists and observatories around the world, data were collected on the burst from start to finish in several different energy ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum. It had the optical brightness of 10 million billion suns, which was only one-thousandth of its gamma-ray brightness!

Waiting for Lightening to Strike

Apparently we don’t have to wait for a once in 10,000-year occurrence of a GRB to harness this incredible power. Professor Lev Rivlin of Moscow has been working on a gamma ray laser since 1961, with experimental work underway since 1986. The possibilities for the use of such a laser are infinite, to wit:

“The advance of technology makes ever increasing demands upon high powers. At present the highest are EXAWATT POWERS (10^18 Watts), which are encountered in concepts for advanced propulsion technologies, directed energy beams, sterilization countermeasures against biological weapons, photothermal countermeasures against chemical weapons, full-scale nuclear simulators, and laser fusion reactors for commercially competitive power generation. Many of these advanced applications involve delivery of the final output in the form of X rays and there is a promising solution for those cases.”

It seems we have already begun to overcome the issues surrounding GRB’s short-duration:

“Because of the high energy densities and great velocities, the charges usually reradiate absorbed energies in times too short to be measured (<10^- 18 sec.) However, in rare cases quantum mechanical selection rules forbid the coupling of the particle motion to the electromagnetic field and then the high energies are stored for tens and even thousands of years in those special nuclei. Such long-lived, high energy states of excitation are termed isomeric levels and the materials are simply known as isomers. Such isomers are the natural materials for INDUCED GAMMA EMISSION, IGE. If such emission has some coherence then the IGE DEVICE producing it will be a Gamma-ray Laser.”

Gamma Ray Flare Energy from Black Holes, or Star Deaths = Future Free Energy?

Five billion years ago, a great disturbance rocked a region near the monster black hole at the center of galaxy 3C 279. On June 14, the pulse of high-energy light produced by this event finally arrived at Earth, setting off detectors aboard NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope and other satellites.

Now, utilizing that quantum mechanical selection rule, all we would conceivably need to do is extract the massive energy inherent in the isomers that such an event would create. How’s an energy greater than 10 million billion suns for powering your laptop – or even your standard issue spacecraft?

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