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The Anomalous Zones: Mysteries of the Pokaini Forest



There are many areas dubbed ‘anomalous’ on the planet where unexplained phenomenon occur regularly. These places are known for causing strange behavior in both animals and people as well as for sightings of odd orbs, seeming breaks in the space-time continuum, and other mysterious happenings. These geographic locations are particular points on the map that have unexplained power, often known to humankind since ancient times.


Among these anomalous zones is a mysterious forest where even NASA has discovered inexplicable radiating energy. Pokaini forest, not far from Riga, Latvia has also been noted for odd meteorological anomalies and mysterious features appearing on local rocks. The terrain there can only be described as supernatural, with rumors of healing powers drawing pilgrims from all over the globe.

Pokaini has exactly thirty hills. The area is covered with Oak trees that have foliage on only one side. The most stunning mystery is the strange rock formations that are found there. No one knows how they appeared.

Many visitor to the site claim the rocks give off a palpable energy. Yanis Graudonis, a local historian, believes the claims about the sacredness of the forest to be utter nonsense. He claims that the rocks were brought by peasants who removed them from their fields, but yoga practitioners say that they have been able to ‘call’ UFOs to themselves at the site after meditating, and the rocks on a hill called Zikkurat face the four parts of the world, seeming to serve as a compass. Psychics too, say that they sense a strange presence there.

Archeologists who have studied the site cannot explain the rock formations, nor the energy that seems to radiate from them, and satellite images reveal even deeper secrets that the forest likely contains. No matter the weather in the area – snowy or cold – the forest remains sunny.

There is other evidence of the ‘mystic’ nature of Pokaini, though. Some rocks seem to have different temperatures than others. Under an old pine tree the ground is always warmer than other parts of the forest, and people who stand there can feel a strange warmth stirring from within their bodies.

In the Valley of the Spirits, at Pokaini, strange orbs of light show up in photographs, but not to the naked eye. Scientists from the Latvian research center Ufolats named the balls GOUG “globous objects of unknown genesis.”pokaini-orb-1-copy

Other anomalies include wrist watches and compasses breaking when entering the forest, and NASA’s sputnik is said to have found a strange illumination in the area with a diameter that was 350 kilometers wide with an epicenter located in Pokaini.

The site has become even more popular since its re-discovery in the 1930s with rumors that the forest grew on the site of a fallen space object, that this forest was a pagan sanctuary, and a “spot of death,” for some, or a “great healing zone” for others. Some people leave the forest with a headache, others feel uplifted. Some scholars attest that the Pokaiņi forest is the neck of the “black funnel”, sucking in all the power of man. Others believe Pokaini and Pokaynskogo forests are in a powerful geopathic zone with underlying rocks that communicate with the groundwater.pokaini-orb-2-copy

Many say there is no other place in the world with an energy center as large as this one. Whether the site is where a UFO once crash landed, an ancient burial occurred, a giant underground crystal affects energy, or some other theory, it seems to have a sizeable impact on the Earth’s electromagnetic field, and, accordingly, all the events taking place here — from wars to violence of elements. Until the the presence of strange magnetic, electromagnetic, and gravitational radiation fields here are seriously studied we won’t know exactly what secrets Pokaini holds.

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