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Man Named ‘Happy’ Creates Successful Meditation Shop After Renouncing Life of Crime and Drugs



Happy Cox has a name that lends itself to a now successful business – a meditation shop in Jeffersonville, Indiana which is frequented by customers who are “Buddhist, Christian, Wiccan – you name it,” he says.

The mission of Happy’s Meditation is to help people “find their happy place.” On any day you can waltz in to hear Tibetan meditation bowls singing, plop down in the reading library to find out more about Vipassana, schedule a reiki session, or browse the gift shop for healing crystals, essential oils, or Zen chimes.

Tibetan Singing Bowls Displayed at Happy's Meditation Shop

Tibetan Singing Bowls Displayed at Happy’s Meditation Shop

It seems an unlikely place for a former hot-check writer, heavy drug user and alcoholic to make his peace with the world, but that’s precisely why Happy’s might just see its best year since opening its doors just two years ago.

Cox discovered meditation while in a twelve-step program to kick drugs and alcohol. Since then, he has introduced Tibetan singing bowls to Indiana’s prisons system and played them for Indiana University Southeast students and faculty.

Prayer Flags at Happy's

Prayer Flags at Happy’s

The bowls are revered for their ability to change our thought-frequency, and thus our health, through the penetration of sound waves.

As the Courier-Journal reports, Happy was facing a long stint in prison when his life turned around.

“At age 29 I was facing 65 years in prison for writing bad checks,” he said. “The lifestyle I was living – when they told me it was over bad checks it was a relief that that’s all it was.”

“I’m 25 years clean and sober,” Cox continued. “This place has grown from the inspiration to help others.”

He wants his meditation shop to be a place for like-minded individuals to come and learn and share. He says the only “rules” are to help nurture happy and healthy people, and “to be positive.”

He keeps a positive outlook himself as an example. When talking about the slim attendance at his Friday and Saturday night meditation groups, Happy says, “it’s quality over quantity.”

He also offers a free twenty-minute introduction session to Japanese Reiki, known for its help in reducing stress, and healing “to see if people will like it or not.”

He acknowledges that people find their ‘happy place’ doing many things. He says some find it walking on a beach. Some find it sitting on a meditation cushion, and others find it listening to music. Happy just wants his business to be a place people can come to experience relief from the stress of the world. He’s certainly shown it can turn at least one life around.

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