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5 Phenomenal Ways to Turn Inspiration into Action



Has something been tugging at your gut, whispering in your ear, “do this now!” yet you keep telling yourself you’ll get around to it tomorrow? The best preparation for what’s going to happen in your life tomorrow is what you decide to do today – so how exactly do you turn inspiration into action?

1. Do What the Rock Says

Dwayne Johnson, otherwise known as “the Rock,” has some epic advice even for those among us who can’t bench press 5,000 pounds. He says that attitude and enthusiasm play a big part in his life. He gets excited about things that inspire him, and tries to find a way to have fun every day. Use your enthusiasm about a dream you have, and tell someone supportive that you’re going to do it. This keeps you accountable to someone besides yourself, so that you can’t wiggle out due to fear, procrastination or insecurities that pop up.

Ask that trusted friend, when you tell them how excited you are about achieving a certain goal, to remind you of the feeling you’re having now, when that enthusiasm starts to wane later due to fear or challenge. This will remind you that you were pumped and ready to achieve just about anything, and then act on that passion.

Add enthusiasm to your inspiration.

Add enthusiasm to your inspiration.

2. Turn Off the Computer

Most of say we don’t have time to start a new business, learn how to scuba dive, reach out to new friends (in person), or perfect our existing skill set, but the truth is we waste between 2 and nine hours daily on social media.

Experts say it takes around 10,00 – 40,000 hours to perfect just about any average skill. That means with an investment of 20 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, in ten years, you could be playing the piano like Beethoven, speaking a new language, or have learned how to communicate so well you could lead seminars.

In other words, by giving up your social media addiction, in just five years you could be a master at dating, making money, meditating – you name it – all far more valuable than clicking the like button on another kitten pic. You have the time, it’s just about managing it better.

3. Get Rid of Impotent Goals

This one is more about creating inspiration. Anthony Robbins says that people are not lazy, they just have impotent goals. This translates to any goal that doesn’t excite you. If making a million dollars doesn’t light you on fire, then think of something that does. Does helping feed ten thousand homeless people fill you with a pride? How about traveling to remote island paradise? Does paying off all your student loan debt feel like something you could get behind?

Whatever your goals are, they need to inspire you. They should cause a well of longing or excitement at the mere mention or thought of them. If you’ve got goals that make you about as excited as getting your teeth cleaned, then it’s time to get some new ones.

You aren't lazy, you have impotent goals. What makes you truly excited?

You aren’t lazy, you have impotent goals. What makes you truly excited?

4. Remind Yourself What Achieving Your Goal Will Mean to You

Sometimes when we are initially inspired to do something, we have clear reasons that motivate us to act. Maybe losing weight will allow you to spend more time with active people you admire, or chase after your children on the playground without tiring so quickly. Maybe making more money will allow you freedom to make more choices, independent of what others think of you. Will committing to meditation ten minutes every day help to keep depression at bay?

When you feel inspired to do something new, make a big reminder on a poster, sticky note, a daily calendar pop-up –something, that tells you why you are doing what you are doing.  This will remind you why you are taking new actions that you’ve likely never taken before, and keep you inspired to keep doing those things until they become a new habit.

Will you be ecstatic when you sing at your first open mic night, run your first marathon, or pay off a massive credit card debt? Picture that feeling to help motivate you.

Imagine the feeling!

Imagine the feeling!

5. Stop Overthinking It

Vegan Ultra Marathoner, Rich Roll knows the value of taking small steps everyday. While competing in an Ultra marathon, just like any big goal in life, can seem daunting, those first steps, followed by indefatigably taken baby steps – moves mountains.

If you get mired in the impossibility of doing something you’ve never done before, just make one phone call, skip one dessert. Walk for ten minutes. These little changes build up to create an entirely different you.

Vegan ultra marathon competitor, Rich Roll, says you think too much.

Vegan ultra marathon competitor, Rich Roll, says you think too much.

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