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Dreaming the Future? Stories of Precognitive Dreams, a Psychic Phenomena



Here is another psychic phenomena that I personally know to be real. It seems to be almost as common as regular déjà vu, but people don’t talk about it much: people call it precognitive dreaming, when they dream something and the exact scene they dreamt comes true later in life.

Sometimes the dream comes true the next day or shortly after, and sometimes people dream the future years in advance. This is not something that can be chalked up to coincidence: this is people dreaming exact scenes, exact moments of their life where every detail of the scene is a certain way, and it comes true later.

I know this to be true from firsthand experience. I dreamt a scene where I was walking through a park when I was 11 and living in Houston, Texas. When I was 16 I walked through the same park the exact same way in Sacramento, California, where I had never been at the age of 11.

The same perspective I saw the park in the dream, the exact same scene was what I saw, and it gave me one of the most powerful feelings of déjà vu I’ve ever felt, but it was distinctly different.

For some reason I had some dreams at the age of 11 that came true when I was 16, but there were no more precognitive dreams after that for me. I can’t remember what the other dreams were but they were minor compared to the dream of the park: I remember I dreamt them when I was 11, and they came true when I was 16.

So here are a few more stories of precognitive dreaming.

According to a story on the subreddit “Glitch in the Matrix” by Terpinator_91 :

“OK, first ever post here, but after doing a fair bit of reading I felt that there would be no harm in putting this out there.

As far as I can tell there are many people out there who have had some type of precognitive dream or vision, that later came true. I am talking about the next degree of this. The first time it happened was in high school, near the time of graduation. I was hanging out in my basement with two of my friends playing video games, when I started getting a sense of Deja Vu. At first I couldn’t figure out why, but then a commercial came on TV that i remembered distinctly watching the night before in my dream, and that is when I entered this state. For the next 8 minutes I knew exactly everything that was going to occur, every movement, every word, every sound. I even knew what I was going to say before I said it, but for some reason I did not say it until the very moment I knew I would. It was almost as if I was afraid to do something different from what I was expecting, and I still wonder, what would happen if I said something about what was happening then… or could I have? It was horrifyingly strange, but then it came to an end. Nothing else really happened for a few weeks.

Second time was different, because I remembered my dream from the night before, but for some reason I could only grasp some details. Something felt odd, but I didn’t think much of it, and I went on with my day normally, until I met with my Dad for dinner. Things got very strange here… as soon as I opened the door I knew I was back in this Deja Vu void again. I knew which table to go to without even taking a look around, and once I sat down I informed my Dad about what was occurring, and that I knew what I was supposed to say to him and what he would say back. As I had dreamed, he pulled out a notepad and began writing everything down as he revealed to me that this was something that haunted him as an adolescent into adulthood. I say reveal because if you would have asked me before I walked into that restaurant about my fathers interest in the subject, I would have had no idea. However, while he was explaining his ideas to me, I felt like I was watching a rerun for the 5th time, as everything that was said and done was exactly as expected.

I have many more examples. One night I knew my friend was going to get bitten by a snake before we even knew that there was a pet snake in the house we were in. I have seen athletic events in my dreams that unfold exactly the same way as I watch them. Goes on and on… and has been for about 6 years now. As I have gotten older it has happened less frequently, though part of me believes it is because I do my best to not acknowledge that this has happened, because I have no way to explain it.

I can understand the theory of time not being linear and that everything could be occurring at once, and for some reason people may be able to glimpse into other areas of time. But I was just wondering if anyone had any new ideas to what is occurring here and your experience with it.

Again I am talking extreme detail here, Like to the point that I told my gf the two scores she would bowl the one time I was experiencing this when we went bowling.

I have no control over it, no way of knowing when it will happen, and it can happen in a couple different ways. I have no idea how to explain it, but it seems to be beyond coincidence to me.”

According to a forum comment by Highlander at World of Lucid Dreaming:

“I still remember a dream i had like 15 years ago. I’m at work and i see some of my female colleagues laughing and painting their faces. Like 2 weeks after this dream, in waking reality, i’m at work and we are all preparing for an event produced by our company: a paintball game outdoors. And what do i see? My female colleagues laughing and painting their faces. I was looking at that situation and thinking: “I dreamt of this.””

According to a forum comment by ESPer at World of Lucid Dreaming:

As has been stated several times, one has to experience it for themselves to believe it. And really that’s how it should be. One shouldn’t blindly believe anything. I would be (and am) skeptical of anything I didn’t personally experience.

This is however something I have verified for myself beyond much doubt. It wasn’t simply a matter of being somewhere, or doing something, and having a similar scenario play out later on. That “could” be a matter of coincidence. I received a text message in a dream, then received that EXACT text message later on that day. The odds of that being coincidence are just astronomical.

Her name was Amanda, and I hadn’t talked to her in like 9 months. I remember in the dream looking at the text and seeing: “Hey, it’s AMANDA, …” (I didn’t remember the rest in the dream). But her name was in all caps, both in the dream and later on that day (you won’t catch me using the term “in real life”, because I consider my dreams just as real as this so called “life”, typing away right now).

And the kicker to it all is… I knew it as soon as I felt the thing vibrating in my pocket. I “just knew”.

This wasn’t the only precognitive dream I’ve had by a longshot, but it was the most convincing example.”

According to a comment on a post by “Rebecca” at World of Lucid Dreaming:

“When I was a kid, I dreamed my cousin (who I rarely saw as she lived so far away) purchased an old yellow mini and was driving it round my school. The next day my mum told me she had done exactly that (without the school bit, she’d just bought a yellow mini).

As a teenager (about the time I started lucid dreaming) I dreamed of hundreds of giant logs littering the landscape, all laid out deliberately for a purpose. There was a whole epic plot going on too – something about the pyramids and I wrote a story about it when I woke up. Again, the next day we went for a walk in the park and found myself in my dream again, looking at dozens of massive trees chopped down and left littering the park, the scene was very unusual.”

According to a comment from “Donna” on the same post:

“I have them quite a lot. One in particular I call the “Death Dream”. It’s not the details of the dream that matters as much as the feeling of it. The first time I knew what it meant was when one of my students committed suicide. I’ve had it a number of times since. Most recently was a few years ago, when my husband’s aunt died. I woke at 4.44am and he woke too and asked me why I was up. I told him I’d tell him in the morning, which I did. Shortly afterwards, his parents rang with the news. We asked them if they could get time of death details, which they did: it was estimated between 4.30 and 5am.”

According to a forum post by Kailyn Spears at World of Lucid Dreaming:

“Since as far back as I can remember I have had dreams where I could see upcoming events in my normal everyday life. Most are mundane things like dreaming that I am standing in my bed room thinking about something and then I start to feel an emotion and then days weeks even months later it happens exactly as I dreamt it would. Same place, same train of thought, same exact emotion. However through my life I have had a few very distinct times where my precognition actually altered or changed my life. Let me start with a little biography so you understand more about me.

I grew up in a southern, christian, republican, household. I went to Sunday school every week and read my Bible daily. I don’t remember when it started happening but I do remember thinking that I couldn’t tell anyone because they would think I was crazy or worse didn’t believe in God. The church I grew up at taught that dreaming the future (among other things) was witchcraft and that it didn’t actually happen it was just something people did to con others out of their money. So when I started having these dreams, I instinctively kept them to myself; that is until recently. When I was younger, I believed that my precognition dreams were a gift from God and that they would lead me down the path in life that I am supposed to take. Now granted, most of my dreams are about thoughts and feelings and mundane actions I preform others are significantly different in that I can manipulate the present based on what I saw happen in my precog dream, sort of like the old disney show, “That’s So Raven”.

The most significant of these instances was November 14th and 15th 2006 when I was 12. I had the biggest crush on this guy but I knew one of my friends liked him too. I had a dream that I was standing outside the band hall by a certain pole and she came up to me and said, “He said no.” I knew that she was talking about the guy that we both had a crush on and I deducted that she had asked him out and he had rejected her. When I awoke from my dream I schemed to recreate this dream so that it would make my chances of dating him greater and get her to stop flirting with him (yes i realize I was a crafty child back then). So at lunch I talked her up to it. She said she would ask but that I had to go wait at the band hall and as I have described before, that is where I was waiting for her so I agreed to this measure. I left the cafeteria and I went and waited by the pole that I remembered standing by in my dream. When she came to me, her answer was exactly what I had envisioned, “He said no.” Lying through my teeth I began to console her saying I was sorry and that she could find a better guy but then she stopped me. “He said no to *you*.” I said what? She replied, “I thought you meant to ask him out for you. He said no to dating you.” Well obviously I was crushed by this news so later that day in an effort to save face and maybe salvage a friendship and perhaps a hope of dating him, I called him. I explained how that wasn’t supposed to happen and that I liked him but thought that she was going to ask him out for herself. Long story short, me and this guy started dating that night and we dated for a year and a half, to this day my longest relationship.
After that dream they kind of subsided, when I had them it was mundane things that weren’t even worth mentioning.

However, recently the activity has been occurring more and more frequently. I believe that my control over my precognitive dreams is strengthening. What I want validation on is, is there anyone that has had a precognitive dream while half awake??? Earlier today, after not sleeping for 24 hours, I passed out on the couch and while I was asleep I started having a precognitive dream that my friend would call me and say something to me. However, while I was having this dream, he actually did call me!

So I was dreaming the future mere seconds before it actually happened! At the end of my pre cog dream my friend said something, I honestly don’t remember what it was and I wish I did. Shortly thereafter, he actually said what I had just dreamt and to that I replied yea, I know, you just said that. To which he replied, “no I didn’t. what are you talking about?” then I, now being fairly awake, explained to him that i was just dreaming about what he would say and that i had anticipated him saying what he said. Basically the whole experience reminded me of the Oracle on the Matrix when she says “Oh and don’t worry about the vase.” and then Neo breaks it.”

For more info, here’s a documentary I found on YouTube about precognitive dreams.

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