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20+ First-World Anarchists Who Could Care Less About Your Rules



Belonging to a society in a first-world nation may afford a number of relative comforts, but the fact remains that many people do not like being told what to do. Paying taxes, driving on the correct side of the road, adhering to traffic lights, and being a “good” citizen is strenuous enough. Why should citizens also adhere to frivolous demands posted in their workplace and neighborhood?

This question has been asked time and time again by anarchists in developed nations and has ultimately led to them performing some questionable — albeit hilarious — stunts to prove a point. And that is, that it is possible to live in a first-world country and still believe the world would be a better place without a central government.

In the list below, which was originally compiled by Bored Panda, examples can be found. From a woman pilot flying a plane into Saudi Arabia (which tops a new level of “badass”) to ordinary citizens doing the opposite of what signs asks, following are 20+ ways first-world anarchists have shown they could care less about what you — or anyone — else thinks they should do.

#1 F*ck Your Laws, Saudi Arabia

Credit: ReportPhotographer

#2 When College Life Gets Intense

Credit: theedjman

#3 Christians Were Burnt

Credit: notautobot

#4 Government Said He Can’t Install A Garage Door. Whatever

Credit: Eric Vekeman

#5 This Guy

Credit: hakon_dale

#6 I Don’t Give A Damn

Credit: Blazer3011

#7 Original Badass

Credit: punkemon80

#8 Rebels On A Set

Credit: SlimJones123

#9 Guy Standing

Credit: JanWolkersleeft666

#10 Forget 3D Art, This Is Amazing

Credit: jimmysalts

#11 Hugh Jackman, Keeping It Real

Credit: Hugh Jackman

#12 This Kid Gets It

Credit: MyNameIsPearson

#13 Do Not Print Labels Unnecessarily

Credit: Chicaben

#14 The Level Of Dedication For This Type Of Anarchy Is Inspiring


#15 This Guy Doesn’t Need No F*cking Luck

Credit: gumzilla

#16 This Kid Gets It

Credit: supersammy00

#17 Quadrupled Anarchy


#18 Don’t Tell Me What To Do, Mom

Credit: drteq

#19 This Cameraman Gets It

Credit: ThatOneLucasKid

#20 I Mean… I Guess He’s Right?

Credit: Lobbandy

#21 “Browsing Dogs For Adoption. I Think We’ve Found The One.”

Credit: discofudge

#22 Just Try To Stop Me


#23 I Do What I Want

Credit: natefillion

#24 Frick The System

Credit: Shitty Watercolou

#25 Anarchy In Style

Credit: throatfrog

#26 Jobs Done

Credit: arbili

#27 I Don’t Need Your Censorship

Credit: buckets41

#28 Love Is Love Is Love

Credit: PortlyFilthyAss

#29 “I Was Quite The Rebel At Tonight’s Paint Night”

Credit: aGirlHasNo_username

#30 “I Make My Own Rules”

Credit: EverythingFerns

h/t Bored Panda

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