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LDS Missionaries Tried LSD For The First Time. This Is What Happened… [Video]



Mind-altering substances, such as LSD, marijuana and “magic mushrooms,” are illegal at the Federal level in the United States. However, some people use the substances to gain a better understanding of themselves and the reality we live in. In fact, some highly famous people — including Steve Jobs, Susan Sarandon, Francis Crick (discovered the double helix) and Jack Nicholson — credit much of their success to the use of these substances (specifically, LSD).

However, the use of psychedelic substances is forbidden in most religions — including the Latter Day Saints (or Mormonism). For this reason, the following video by The Kloons is so fascinating. The group wrote on YouTube:

“We found three Mormon Missionaries who had never used any drugs and gave them an opportunity to try LSD. Then we had some fun and asked them deep questions.”

At the beginning of the video, the men admit to having tried beer once or twice, but no psychedelics. One of the men says he hasn’t even tried coffee in his lifetime. For undisclosed reasons, however, they chose to participate in the experience.

There is an awkward albeit captivating atmosphere in the room as the men place the tabs of LSD on their tongues. Then they wait. One hour passes by before the hallucinogenic substance begins to kick in. The men begin opening up and sharing in the hilarious process of realizing the magnificence of their own bodies.

As the trip extends, the producers ask the LDS missionaries deeper questions, such as “Why do you believe what you believe.” One of the participants begins speaking in what sounds like a rehearsed script. Then, the experience becomes more honest. Another man admits that he is a Mormon missionary because that was what he was taught by his parents.

Perhaps the most altering instance in the video is when the man on the right reveals the picture he drew of his “ideal” life in full. At first, he says the man in the top-half of the picture is him, smiling into the sun. Then the rest of the picture is unfolded, and he admits that he desires sexual intercourse with a man (which is deemed “unlawful” by the Mormon religion).

Nothing further is said on this, but it changes the tone of the experiment. It also reminds the viewer that few people actually adhere to a religion out of devout faith. Rather, they were taught that a certain way of believing is the “absolute truth.” As one of the participants says, he used to think the purpose of life was to “serve God.” But during the LSD trip, he realized it was to be “here and now,” doing whatever it is “you are doing.”

Watch the video below:

Social experiments such as this one are becoming more common, as it is becoming less taboo to question the status quo and find one’s own truth via the use of psychedelics. Whether this method is “right” or “wrong” depends on your personal beliefs, but it cannot be ignored that using natural plants, such as marijuana and psilocybin, has a tendency to create “free-thinkers” — and our world certainly needs more of those. Comment your thoughts below and please share this news.

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