If you need a dose of good news to soothe your soul, look no further. Recently, comedy legend Bill Murray surprised a handful of strangers in Charleston, South Carolina when he nonchalantly purchased their tickets for the SteelDrivers concert. This isn’t the first time Murray has re-inspired faith in the goodness of humanity, and you can bet it won’t be the last.

As concertgoers waited in line for the box office at the Charleston Music Hall, Murray purchased all the remaining tickets and joyful doled them out. Adam Gloeckler was one of the fortunate recipients and captured a photo to share the good news.

Bill Murray was just handing out free tickets to The SteelDrivers at the Box Office…

Posted by Adam Gloeckler on Thursday, November 9, 2017

Gloeckler told WCSC:

“It is something that everyone who experienced it will never forget. If only everyone in the world was like Bill Murray!”


The SteelDrivers appeared with Murray in the movie “Get Low.” However, they had no idea of his plans, according to the bluegrass band’s manager, Jules Wortman. She told Entertainment Weekly,

“They had gone to dinner and he’s just a big fan of theirs. They did not know he was going to buy tickets and surprise fans.”

Purchasing the remaining tickets was not a cheap feat, as the venue’s site listed the tickets for about $30. However, it seems Murray isn’t willing to put a price on helping others.

Credit: GoodNewsNetwork

This isn’t the first time Murray has made headlines for his random acts of kindness. Last year, he gave away one of his World Series tickets to a Chicago Cubs fan after she followed him. The Huffington Post reports that the seat was right next to his. And last month, after meeting a couple at a Cubs game, he helped them announce the news that they were pregnant.

Gloecker is right. The world needs more Bill Murrays. If you are constantly inspired by the Groundhog Day actor’s selfless actions, consider “being the change” you would like to see in the world on a daily basis — or when opportunities to help others are afforded. Step by step, we can all make a difference by being kind and helping out others — just like Bill Murray.

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