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People Are Installing Beehives In Their Living Rooms — Here’s How it Works



The future is looking bleak for honeybees — that is, unless activists step in and help the bumbling insects. An innovative way to do just that has been unveiled by creators Dustin Betz and Mike Zaengle, and it is called the BEEcosystem.

The BEEcosystem was first introduced in 2015. After receiving positive feedback, Betz and Zaengle improved the concept. Now, the latest version has been unveiled.

Credit: BEEcosystem

A key feature of the BEEcosystem is a literal window into the bee colony it houses. Cedar frames the hexagon-shaped module, and it is covered with a panel of glass.

Multiple modules can be connected by using the side vents which can be opened and closed. The vents can also keep the modules contained if they need to be moved.

Their latest crowdfunding campaign explains:

“Because both the hive’s side vents and additional hive bodies attach magnetically, by simply sliding out any one of the four side-ventilation screens, another BEEcosystem hive body can be attached to create a more spacious hive interior—giving your colony room to grow and thrive. By using magnetic alignment, BEEcosystem units connect together effortlessly—and because we use powerful magnets, they also connect together securely—delivering both peace of mind and ease of installation.”

Credit: BEEcosystem

Betz and Zaengle are aware that a limiting factor for potential BEEcosystem owners is lack of experience. This is why they set up a new ambassador program. Betz told Inhabitat that the Beekeeper Ambassador Program will help them build a network of beekeeping experts, as well as provide services to B2B customers, including farm-to-table, vineyards, and hotels. 

Credit: BEEcosystem

Said Betz:

“We feel the BEEcosystem hive can add tons of value to eco- and agri-tourism businesses. and the Ambassador Program will allow more of those businesses to purchase our product without having to have someone in-house manage the hive – this network will also help to educate the next generation of beekeepers, and greatly increase the reach of our social impact.”

Credit: BEEcosystem

BEEcosystems start at $599 for a one-hex hive.

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h/t Inhabitat, Curbed

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