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AI “Killing Machine” Set to Poison Mammals in this Region: Rabbits and Cats



In the words of the New Zealand mainstream media, a “killing machine” is going to be utilized to wipe out all of the “predator” mammals of the country.

This includes feral cats, rabbits, dingoes, dogs, foxes, rodents, macropods, ferrets, and many other poor animals who deserve a chance to live.

A video posted to Facebook of a wildlife lover in New Zealand encapsulated the types of animals who will suffer from this government program.

The following video clip presents a typical "1080 poison activist". If caring for New Zealand's waterways, forests and wildlife is a crime (and we need spying on by govt poisoning agencies), we're guilty as charged! If you care for New Zealand's waterways, forests and wildlife, then you're a "1080 poison activist", too!

Posted by Clyde Graf on Thursday, June 21, 2018

These are photos of the animals who will be poisoned and subject to painful deaths.

The New Zealand government has been using a horrible poison called 1080, otherwise known as sodium fluoroacetate for decades, and now they are increasing the amount they use by “double.”

When enticed to consume it, small mammals and large mammals alike suffer from horrible symptoms, and die slow, agonizing deaths: this is all for some crusade to rid the islands from “predatory” species.

Now artificial intelligence linked up to “killing machines” will be unleashed on the land, as part of a program known as Predator Free 2050.

The machines, equipped with “animal recognition software,” are going to use a paintball-gun type thing to shoot pellets containing the poison 1080 at small mammals. It will be equipped with a night vision camera, a “robot system which sits in the bush,” according to the New Zealand mainstream media.

According to

“What could possibly go wrong? Achieve New Zealand’s Predator Free 2050 goal in double quick time by building an artificial intelligence-controlled killing machine.

A robot system which sits in the bush with a night vision camera, animal recognition software, and an adapted paintball gun that can spit 1080 pellets.

I am talking to Menno Finlay-Smits of the Christchurch-based Cacophony Project – a Millennial-styled “open-source” technology collective.”

This story is so full of disturbing details, they must be examined one by one.

First, what the hell is the Cacophony Project? They say it’s a “Millennial styled open source technology collective.” Why would these people choose to focus on killing small animals with poison, of all things? Why would they utilize artificial intelligence, and technology, for this?

The article about this is beyond disturbing, and it continues:

“’It would break on their fur. That wouldn’t kill them, but all these animals groom,’ he says. Lick the mess and they die. Gone. Finito. Problem solved.”

Gone? Problem solved? Not even close. These animals actually suffer a horrific, agonizingly slow and painful death, aside from the moral objection people should have to mass poisoning of animals.

Wild cats, rabbits, ferrets, cute little mammals that aren’t that genetically different from dogs, and are genetically identical to house cats: they want to brutally slaughter them.

According to the World League for Protection of Animals, the symptoms suffered by animals hit with 1080 poison include:

“restlessness; increased hyperexcitability; incontinence or diarrhea; excessive salivation; abrupt bouts of vocalization; and finally sudden bursts of violent activity. All affected animals then fall to the ground in teranic seizure, with hind limbs or all four limbs and sometimes the tail extended rigidly from their arched bodies. At other times the front feet are clasped together, clenched or used to scratch frantically at the cage walls. This tonic phase is then followed by a clonic phase in which the animals lie and kick or ‘paddle’ with the front legs and sometimes squeal, crawl around and bite at objects. During this phase the tongue and penis may be extruded, their eyes rolled back so that only the whites show and the teeth ground together. Breathing is rapid but laboured, with some animals partly choking on their saliva. Finally such individuals begin to relax, breathing more slowly and shallowly and lying quietly with the hind legs still extended but apparently semiparalysed”

It has been reported by witnesses of the poisoning that the herbivorous animals such as macropods (similar to kangaroos) forced to consume it suffer from horrible symptoms:

“Affected wallabies were sometimes observed sitting hunched up, with heads held shakily just above the ground. Generally they appeared non-alert and ‘sick’, with shivering or shaking forelimbs and unsteady balance. Most individuals then experience convulsions, falling to the ground and lying on their backs and sides, kicking and making running motions with their hind legs before dying. Many individuals also ejaculated shortly before death, and, with others, exuded a white froth from their nostrils and mouth.”

What kind of unconscionable horror is this? How could the mainstream report on such a thing with a total lack of empathy, total disconnection from any feelings, half joking about “killing machines?”

New Zealand is by no means a paradise or anything separate from the powers that rule this world. It is a Commonwealth nation, fully controlled by the British Monarchy.

It may sound conspiratorial, but the people who have been pushing for the extermination of all small mammals non-native to New Zealand are continuously found to have ties to Royal Societies and orders.

Sir Paul Callaghan was a New Zealand academic and proponent of poisoning animals with 1080 for years. Just before his death a few years ago, he was promoting this. He’s a model figure for the technocratic, scientism-worshiping body of academics that always seem to receive royal honors. According to Wikipedia,

“Sir Paul Terence Callaghan was a New Zealand physicist who, as the founding director of the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology at Victoria University of Wellington, held the position of Alan MacDiarmid Professor of Physical Sciences and was President of the International Society of Magnetic Resonance.”

In 2001, he was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of London, and he was appointed a Principal Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2006. He is a “sir,” honored by the British Monarchy that still ultimately rules New Zealand and Australia.

There’s nothing conspiratorial about this fact: the Royal Societies are known to be involved with campaigns to kill off animals and control the population of species to a degree that can only be seen as psychopathic, perhaps even criminally insane in the full context.

The former New Zealand conservation minister, Maggie Barry, created the program to kill off all non-native “predators” in the country by 2050.

She specifically advised that cats without homes be put to death, and that’s not the worst of it.

She has a strange history, being the face of a television gardening show for years before receiving royal honors and becoming a New Zealand politician. She went to a Roman Catholic school in Wellington, New Zealand and was brought up with a strict Roman Catholic background. This is relevant, for some reason a lot of people in positions of power have this type of upbringing.

She was appointed an “Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit” by the Queen in her birthday honours in 1996, for her “services to broadcasting.”

The woman launched Predator Free 2050 as the Minister of Conservation in New Zealand, before her term ended in late 2017. Now a new Minister of Conservation is continuing the slaughter.

According to Wikipedia:

“As Minister of Conservation, Barry launched Predator Free 2050, a programme to ensure that New Zealand’s native animals were free from being attached by predators.It looks at controlling predators using community volunteers, private residents, philanthropists and government investment.[21] With over 80% of New Zealand’s birds and reptiles endangered, Predator Free 2050 focuses on protecting these species from rats, stoats, possums, weasels and ferrets.[22] In 2015, Barry urged the SPCA to put down stray cats instead of just neutering and releasing them.”

What the hell are these people doing? Why do they want to kill off animals? These people use their power to push for the death of stray cats, of ferrets, possums, any species they can justify exterminating, even kangaroos in Australia.

And make no mistake, Australia might as well have the exact same government as New Zealand because they follow a lot of identical policies and are both ruled by the British Monarchy.

In Australia, kangaroos died in the millions from a mysterious “virus” last year, and in the state of Queensland, people are being paid for the scalps of feral kittens and cats.

In Australia cats are scalped and people are paid by local government for that, and in New Zealand, all small mammals are being exterminated and dying slow, painful deaths.

Does it even need to be mentioned that 1080 poison leeches into the water supply, and poisons the environment as well?

But listen: when you hear about this issue from the mainstream, literally the only thing you will hear is “they’re saving the birds.”

That’s right… They are justifying all of this by claiming it will save birds and native species to kill off all the other mammals.

According to a long, droning mainstream New Zealand article heavily promoting all this population control:

“It took just 800 years for humans and the wave of pests we brought with us – rats, stoats, deer, ferrets, possums, hedgehogs, weasels – to obliterate a third of the native birds that flourished among our forests and waterways.

Gone with them are three of seven frogs, at least a dozen invertebrates, a bat, and perhaps three known reptiles.”

In my opinion, humans intervened on accident in this habitat once, and brought new species in, and now the damage cannot be undone. Whatever happens to the species there, it has to happen on its own accord.

There’s something unimaginably sinister behind the powers that be hungering for the control of animal and human populations.

If you want to know more about the type of people I’m talking about, watch this. It’s about a guy who is praised in academia for pushing for human population control, just like Paul Callaghan.


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