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Thai Supermarket Replaces Plastic Packaging With Banana Leaves To Reduce Waste



A supermarket in Chiang Mai has received positive praise from environmental activists after its unique, eco-friendly packaging was revealed to the world. Rather than pack its produce in plastic, a branch of the Rimping Supermarket in Chiangmai, Thailand has started bundling all fruits and vegetables in banana leaves and flexible bamboo.

Believe it or not, the technique is common in produce vendors in tropical locations. However, it is rarely seen in commercial supermarkets. For this reason, photographs posted to social media have been shared far and wide.

As GoodNewsNetwork reports, the eco-friendly packaging is superior to plastic for many reasons. To start, the leafy greenery is biodegradable, therefore it will make nutrient-rich compost. Secondly, the leaves are readily abundant in the tropics, so there is a low carbon footprint to source them. In addition, the leaves are available for free — or, at least, for a fraction of the price as plastic.

Well done Veggie first and Rimping. Let's hope there are more great ways to cut plastic!

Posted by Perfect Homes Chiangmai on Thursday, March 21, 2019

Furthermore, compared to plastic, the leaves are non-toxic and naturally waterproof. They are resistant to humidity and don’t contain toxic chemical additives. Finally, social media users have pointed out that the green leaf packaging is more aesthetically pleasing than unsightly plastic bags. Win-win for everyone — and that includes the planet.

Photos of the produce packaging went viral after the local realty company Perfect Homes Chiang Mai shared them to Facebook.

Posted by Perfect Homes Chiangmai on Thursday, March 21, 2019

“When it comes to cracking Chiang Mai’s plastic troubles, for sure there’s still a long way to go; but kudos to Rimping Supermarket for a positive step in the right direction,” the realty group wrote in a blog post.“And if it means just one less plastic bag littering the landscapes, fouling the waterways and choking the storm drains in this fair [country] of ours, then we reckon it was well worth us posting!”

Though banana leaf packaging is not a viable option for all supermarkets, this innovative solution to plastic packaging is inspirational, to say the least. What are your thoughts? Please comment below and share this news!

Images via Perfect Homes Chiang Mai

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