Man Strips to His Boxers and Jumps Into Freezing River to Save Drowning Deer

(TMU) — What would you do if you passed by a freezing river and noticed a deer trying to escape its frigid grasp? Most people would simply alert the authoritiesbut 27-year-old Marc Headon isn’t like most people. The activist chose to dive right into the river and rescue the animal. He then used his own clothes to warm the creature for over 40 minutes.

According to GoodNewsNetwork, Headon was heading home with colleague Jamie Toyne in Saxilby, England when they spotted a pair of ears floating on the surface of a nearby canal. Intrigued, they parked the car to get a closer look. That’s when they saw an exhausted deer in the water.

Without hesitation, Headon took off his clothes and leapt into the river. Tonye cheered him on and filmed the rescue mission. The video below shows Headon swimming to the deer and, after wrapping one arm around its torso, gently towing it back to the riverbank.

His colleague stopped filming so he could help pull the deer onto dry land. Afterward, Tonye captured a clip of Headon hauling the shivering animal to its feet. His hope was to soothe the deer and her nerves.

While Headon, who works as a painter, waited for animal rescuers to arrive, he used his clothes to keep the animal warm. He stayed in his underwear, in frigid weather, for approximately 45 minutes. 

Not long after the animal was taken in, the two workmen received a “thank you” phone call. Rescuers applauded them for their efforts and for saving the deer’s life.

Though the media is often filled with negativity, many positive deeds like this take place on a daily basis. Please help remind others of this truth by sharing this article and commenting your thoughts below.

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