Mom Catches Her Kid Falling Off Balcony in Heart-Stopping Video

(TMU) — A heart-stopping video making the rounds on the internet is the kind you can’t watch only once.

In addition to sprouting eyes in the back of their heads, many parents develop unexpected cat-like reflexes after embarking on the journey of parenthood. For some, those reflexes are tested constantly, and for others they come out of nowhere at precisely the right time—despite how little sleep the parent may have gotten the night before, or how many times they may have microwaved their morning cup of coffee.

We’ve all seen those reflexes in action—a parent reaching out to stop a wobbly baby from tipping over, or a parent at a baseball game catching a foul ball before their child catches it with their face. In fact, these things happen so frequently that there is no shortage of video available for your viewing pleasure on all corners of the internet.

For example, on Father’s Day, a tweet went viral that detailed the impressive reflexes of fathers.

But this viral video brings the phenomena to a whole different level and cuts right to the chase, showing us just how amazing—and important—those superhuman parent reflexes can be.

In the video, a woman and her small child can be seen exiting an elevator onto what appears to be the top floor of an office building. Instead of immediately entering the suite the woman intended to visit, she paused for a moment, waiting to be buzzed in, along with a delivery man who was on the same elevator.

Her young child quickly leaves her side to explore the area, as small children often do. The child then heads for the balcony overlooking the stairs that wrap around the elevator they had just been on.

As the mom continues waiting, the child crouches down, as if to take a peek at the view from the top of the balcony. With hands outstretched, clearly expecting to meet some sort of resistance, like glass, the child falls forward.

With absolutely no time to spare, the mother darts sideways, reaches out and grabs the child— who was completely over the edge at this point—by the ankle. She does all of this without dropping her phone, which she had been using at the time.

The delivery man puts his hands to his head, likely exclaiming something along the lines of “oh, heavens!” before rushing down the stairs to help. Meanwhile, employees in the suite she was visiting, take notice of what just happened and rush out to comfort the pair.

Watch the video below, and be amazed:


By Emma Fiala | Creative Commons |

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